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Quickly Find, Process, and Generate Products from Landsat-8 Imagery


Access to free data is one thing. Finding the right images, processing them and generating meaningful... more »

Ready, Set, Scale. Deep Learning for Defense Applications


With a growing sense of urgency, the DoD recently accelerated its adoption of artificial intelligence,... more »

Topographic Mapping Anywhere


High-resolution, mapping-grade, optical imaging satellites have been operating and orbiting the earth... more »

Custom LiDAR Analysis: Using the...

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Quality is Everything. Ensure...

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Extending ENVI LiDAR to Create...

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Image Analysis for Flood Disaster Response (Recorded)


In the aftermath of the recent flooding in Colorado, Exelis Visual Information Solutions held two workshops for state, county, and city GIS analysts who were responding to the flood. Due to interest from outside the Colorado region, we will be holding a one-time webinar that covers the... Read More >

ENVI Rapid Learning Series: ENVI and ArcGIS® Interoperability Tips (Recorded)


Learn best practices and tips for using ENVI to extract information from your imagery. Get new information, ask questions, become a better analyst.
Read More >

Improve GEOINT Productivity with Shared Image Analysis Workflows (Recorded)


In today's world of GEOINT analysis, the ability to leverage best practices from other analysts in your field can prove invaluable. However, it can be difficult to get a group of dispersed analysts on the same page with regards to data coming in, analysis being run, and products being delivered... Read More >

New Sensors Provide Superior Data to Increase Geospatial Knowledge (Recorded)


Learn how ENVI is designed to extract useful information from imagery and point clouds collected by new and emerging sensors such as Landsat 8, NPP VIIRS, WorldView 2, and LiDAR collection systems and adds value to your GIS. Read More >

Enabling Warfighters with Geospatial Applications (Recorded)


Learn how cloud technology and geospatial applications are shaping the future of our armed forces. When you attend this webinar, you will see an implementation of a geospatial application consuming image analytics in the cloud. Read More >

The New ENVI 5 API – Leveraging the Benefits of IDL in ENVI (Recorded)


Increase your organization's efficiency by learning how the ENVI API is designed to leverage new and existing IDL algorithms for consumption in the ENVI 5 interface. Read More >


Providing the foundation for North Carolina’s emergency management planning


Harris – January 10, 2018 – Read about how Geiger-mode LiDAR is being used in North Carolina... more »

Maintenance lapsed? Don't miss the latest features & benefits - re-up now!


Has your ENVI/IDL software maintenance lapsed? Well, there has never been a better time to start it back... more »


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