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Ingest and Analysis of NPP VIIRS Data from the NOAA CLASS System


The NPP VIIRS mission provides crucial data to the meteorological community. Previously, access to imagery stored in a scientific data format such as HDF-5, required some familiarity with the format, finding a reader, or some level of programming to process the data. ENVI added support for VIIRS data delivered from the NOAA CLASS system in... more »

Exelis to help advance near real-time global observation


BOULDER, Colo., Dec. 17, 2013 – Exelis (NYSE: XLS), will support data analysis of images from SkySat-1, the first in a planned constellation of 24 satellites from Skybox Imaging. Support for SkySat-1 will be available in the early 2014 release of the company’s ENVI image analysis software. The new sub-meter imaging satellites will... more »

Using Graphical Processing Units to Accelerate Orthorectification, Atmospheric Correction, and Transformations for Big Data


Graphics processing units (GPUs) are high-performance multiple-core processors capable of very high computational speeds and large data throughput. These general-purpose parallel processors support a variety of programming interfaces, including industry standard languages like C. Modern GPUs are inexpensive and widely available commercially.... more »

Seamless Online Science Workflow Development and Collaboration Using IDL and the ENVI Services Engine


IDL and ENVI software are ubiquitous tools in Earth science research environments. The IDL Workbench is used by the Earth science community for programming custom data analysis and visualization modules. ENVI is a software solution for processing and analyzing geospatial imagery that combines support for multiple Earth observation scientific... more »

A Quantitative Comparison of Traditional and Image-Derived Bathymetry from Landsat 5, 7, and 8


Though the ocean covers 70% of the earth and is a prime driver of our climate, roughly 95% of it is unexplored. As a basic geophysical parameter, accurate and sufficiently detailed bathymetry is a key piece in understanding the oceans and coasts. Moreover, coastal bathymetry in particular can change rapidly in response to storms, sea level... more »

Academic and Non-Profit Accessibility to Commercial Remote Sensing Software


Academic and non-profits institutions have increasingly turned to remote sensing to solve difficult and often large spatial problems because remotely sensed data is now more freely available and software used to extract information from it has become easier to use. Exelis has supported teaching and research endeavors for more than 30 years and... more »

Esri Speaker Series - ENVI Gives Voice to Geospatial Imagery


Esri Speaker Series – October 4, 2013 – ENVI Gives Voice to Geospatial Imagery David Gonzalez from Exelis VIS discusses the advantages of investigating remote sensing data with ENVI. more »

Exelis and Esri Change the Meaning of "Platform"


GISCafe – October 2, 2013 – Exelis and Esri Change the Meaning of "Platform" Laurie Jordan, Esri director of Imagery, talked about their long time relationship with Exelis at Esri UC, a top business partner. Esri has 2800 business partners. With Exelis Esri has seamless integration. more »

​ENVI and IDL software are used in NASA research and missions to understand climate trends and impacts


BOULDER, Colo., Oct. 1, 2013 – ITT Exelis (NYSE: XLS) subsidiary Exelis Visual Information Solutions developers of ENVI and IDL software, will now deliver its image and data visualization analysis software packages to NASA with a blanket purchase agreement (BPA). The BPA consolidates more than 800 separate contracts into one annual... more »

Exelis is Ready to Help – Colorado Flooding


In response to the widespread flooding in Northern Colorado, Exelis VIS is connecting users of geospatial imagery with the analysis tools they need to assess the damage and respond. Utilizing ENVI Image Analysis software, consumers of geospatial imagery and GIS analysts are able to assess damage to roads, buildings, and open lands. With this... more »

Big data and services were hot topics at Esri UC


GISCafe – July 17, 2013 – Big data and services were hot topics at Esri UC Big data and services to manage big data were among the hot topics of Esri UC 2013. Companies that provided these opportunities were in large part Esri partners. more »

The Exelis and Esri Relationship Expands on Imagery Everywhere


Sensors & Systems – July 9, 2013 – The Exelis and Esri Relationship Expands on Imagery Everywhere Exelis and Esri teamed for their annual press breakfast to highlight their “Imagery Everywhere” initiative this morning at the Esri International User Conference. more »

Complimentary ENVI and IDL Training


Now through the end of 2013, classroom training in Boulder CO, Herndon VA, and Charlottesville VA will be available at no cost to you! Even if you are simply evaluating ENVI or IDL for purchase, contact us to take advantage of this hands-on opportunity. If you are a maintenance customer, contact your account representative today to register for... more »


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