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ENVI 5.4 / IDL 8.6 Quick Start Install and Licensing Guide


Below is a quick start guide to follow to download and activate your ENVI 5.4 and/or IDL 8.6 software once you have received your initial Welcome and Maintenance ID emails.  1) After creating a password and account you will be at the landing page for the Download and Licensing Center. Towards the bottom under "Browse My Software and... more »

New Licensing FAQ


This Help article groups the FAQ related to our new Download & Licensing system starting with IDL 8.6 and ENVI 5.4  What is the new licensing system? What will it change for my existing licenses? What are the requirements of the new licensing system? What is the workflow for the new licensing system? What is the Harris... more »

The Exelis VIS Extensions Library


The Extensions Library is now available on the Exelis VIS website The Extensions library gives you access to user created ENVI and ENVI LiDAR extensions, IDL developed programs, and code samples that can help you get the information you need from geospatial and numerical data.  The Extensions library replaces the previous Code... more »

ENVI 5.1 Hot Fix


A new ENVI 5.1 hot fix was released July 31, 2014 and is available for download from the Exelis VIS website under My Account->Downloads (logging into the website is required). The latest hot fix includes all previously released fixes for ENVI 5.1 (1-6).  The Release Notes for Hot Fix 7 (show below) will be installed in the... more »

The Life of a Bug Report or Feature Request at Harris Geospatial


When you contact Harris Geospatial Technical Support for help, often the engineer with which you work will report a bug or request a new feature as part of their response. Bug reports and feature requests are generically referred to in our tracking system as change requests, or CRs. Often, after a bug report or change request is submitted, the... more »

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