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Inforest Research Uses ENVI to Deliver Timely Forest Fire Damage Assessments


BACKGROUND In Greece, the forest fire season coincides with tourist season, running from May through October. Trying to manage the influx of tourists into areas that are vulnerable to fire keeps the civil protection authorities and fire service on high alert. Local administrations and municipalities currently do not provide access to mapped... more »

dPlan Simplifies UAV Surveillance Mission Planning


When an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) operator plans a surveillance mission, success depends on many variables. The mission plan must weigh the capabilities of the UAV and its sensor package against the quality of information required at each target location. After all, some surveillance tasks are more demanding than others and may require a... more »

Mapping Crop Residue with Landsat Data using ENVI for ArcGIS®


Mapping Crop Residue with Landsat Data using ENVI for ArcGIS® Background Traditionally, farmers have “worked” or tilled their land to control weeds and kill volunteer crops. These tillage methods remove crop residues, disturb the natural soil structure, and expose the soil to erosion. Conservation tillage, on the other hand,... more »

NOAA Uses ENVI to Map and Extract Detailed Information about Seafloor Habitats


Customer Challenge Organizations involved in environmental management and conservation work employ a variety of technologies to manage human interactions with the environment.  Today, geospatial imagery is increasingly being used for its up-to-date, accurate information about geographic areas of interest and is of critical importance for... more »

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