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Accuracy Assessment of Passive Point Clouds


Background Passive point clouds have become a pervasive data modality for remote sensing analyses. A passive point cloud is a three-dimensional dataset representing the horizontal and vertical position of everything on the surface of an area. These points are generated using photogrammetric algorithms that take advantage of the parallax... more »

Geospatial Solutions in the Cloud


What are Geospatial Analytics? Geospatial analytics allow people to ask questions of data that exist within a spatial context. Usually this means extracting information from remotely sensed data such as multispectral imagery or LiDAR that is focused on observing the Earth and the things happening on it, both in a static sense or over a period... more »

Customizing ENVI with IDL


Combining the large array of prepackaged analytical tools already available in ENVI with the programming power offered by IDL makes the ENVI+IDL platform and incredibly powerful platform for customized imagery analysis.   ENVI is a widely used and well respected Remote Sensing Data analysis application. Anyone working with imagery or... more »

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