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Better Field Management with ENVI Analytics and UAS Data Fusion


Better Field Management with ENVI Analytics and UAS Data Fusion How are you using your UAS data? If you’re stuck somewhere between collecting the data and getting insights to solve problems, then this webinar is for you! You’ll see how our automated tools and proven analytics for data fusion can provide the actionable information... more »

Manage Vegetation Encroachment and Utility Assets Efficiently and Programmatically


Learn how Geiger-mode LiDAR enables Utilities to use data from a single collect to solve multiple challenges. The proprietary Geiger-mode LiDAR sensor can capture an entire service area in a single acquisition. That means Utilities can leverage those datasets to develop solutions for both transmission and distribution networks for asset... more »

Geospatial Analytics in the Cloud with ENVI and Amazon Web Services | Recorded Webinar


Geospatial Analytics in the Cloud with ENVI and Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services has made it easy to use open data sources such as Landsat through their cloud technology. When best-in-class ENVI analytics are deployed in the Amazon Web Services environment, the result is anytime, anywhere access to geospatial information that enables... more »

The Benefits of Persistent, Real-Time Global Vessel Tracking


The Benefits of Persistent, Real-Time Global Vessel Tracking Although relatively new, satellite Automatic Identification System (AIS) technology has fundamentally changed the landscape for monitoring the world’s shipping. The alliance between exactEarth and Harris Corporation now means that real-time global maritime vessel tracking is a... more »

Get Actionable Information from UAV and Aerial Data


ENVI® OneButton™ will help you utilize your UAV and aerial data to make smarter decisions faster and more affordably than ever before. Learn more about what you can do with your data using ENVI OneButton. This webinar: Demonstrates how you can easily apply advanced ENVI analytics on orthomosaics produced by image stitching... more »

Get the Most from Your UAV and Aerial Data | Recorded Webinar


Watch this webinar to learn how you can use ENVI OneButton to easily generate geolocated orthomosaics from UAV and aerial imagery. And, see how you can preprocess UAV data with the ENVI toolkit. more »

Use Geospatial Technology to Maximize Farming Outputs


Use Geospatial Technology to Maximize Farming Outputs Geospatial technology is changing the agricultural landscape. Modern agricultural techniques combine highly accurate geospatial information with global positioning systems (GPS) to enable farmers to work smarter. These advanced technologies mean farmers can target specific areas of crops... more »

Capitalize on WorldView-3 SWIR Data with ENVI


There are a multitude of applications for DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-3 sensor because of its ability to collect data from both the visible spectrum as well as the infrared spectrum. This webinar will highlight how the 8-bands of shortwave infrared (SWIR) information collected by WorldView-3 can be exploited using ENVI image analytics. ... more »

Quality is Everything. Ensure Consistent Output Quality for Derived Products


For years, remote sensing has provided valuable geospatial information for energy operations, exploration, ESH, and management. However, challenges frequently arise due to inconsistent and inaccurate product generation, which can result in numerous direct and indirect impacts on operations such as spatial inconsistencies or asset inventory... more »

Use Remote Sensing for Better Site Management (Recorded)


Sending crew and field equipment to a drill site is expensive and requires proper planning. Learn how elevation products help you make better plans that will help avoid costly work stoppages and allow you to focus on the task at hand. Satellite revisit rates are increasing and LiDAR data is more pervasive than ever - making NOW a great time to... more »


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