Looking for image analysis and data visualization tools to keep your course curriculum relevant? Exelis VIS offers affordable academic software solutions to meet your rigorous standards and give students the tools they need to learn about geospatial imagery and complex numerical data.

One Vendor - All the Tools You Need

Working with a single vendor not only streamlines contract management, but Exelis VIS enables a seamless integration of software solutions across departments whether students are using the tools for remote sensing, programming or analyzing LiDAR or SAR data. Products within the ENVI Platform are also integrated with ArcGIS® from Esri.

Curriculum Development

Tutorials and a robust help section are included with ENVI software. Instructors teaching with ENVI lab licenses have access to classroom training materials. "Exploring ENVI", "Introduction to IDL" and "ENVI and IDL" are tutorials that are provided on DVD at no extra cost and give you a solid foundation for building your class material.

Integrated with ArcGIS® from Esri

ENVI Instructors, GIS Instructors

ArcGIS® from Esri is the de facto GIS software used across industries today. ENVI is seamlessly integrated with ArcGIS so you can access ENVI image analysis tools directly from the ArcGIS desktop and sever environments. This lets you send results from ENVI to a geodatabase, or push information from ENVI directly into ArcMap™.

Leverage an Extensive Interactive User Community

Our interactive user forums include a robust community that crosses disciplines, providing a rich resource for users to leverage. Webinars are another opportunity for users to learn and share knowledge.

To qualify for academic pricing, licenses must be purchased and used at the named institution and reside on computers owned and operated by the institution on its campus. Organizations that do not grant undergraduate degrees, such as university-affiliated hospitals, national laboratories, and government funded research organizations, are not eligible for the academic discount program.

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