When it's your job to publish research with scientifically-validated results, your software tools have to be proven and reliable. We offer academic software solutions trusted by scientists to access, analyze, and share all types of data including airborne and satellite imagery and LiDAR and SAR data.

Transparent Algorithms for Reliable Research

Unlike black box solutions, ENVI Products allow you to dig into the science behind the "magic". By accessing the algorithms, you can rest assured that our methods and your research will stand up to rigorous scrutiny.

Scientifically Proven Software

Our software tools are based on scientifically proven methods that are backed up by published research in respected journals.

Get the Tools you Need from the Start

The ENVI/IDL software package is inclusive with only a few add-on modules, so you don't have to worry about unexpected costs blowing up your grant budget in the final stretch.

ENVI is Extensible, Make it Your Own

Use IDL to easily customize ENVI Products to meeting your specific needs. The possibilities are many – add custom algorithms, create new tools, reorder menu items, to name a few.

To qualify for academic pricing, licenses must be purchased and used at the named institution and reside on computers owned and operated by the institution on its campus. Organizations that do not grant undergraduate degrees, such as university-affiliated hospitals, national laboratories, and government funded research organizations, are not eligible for the academic discount program.


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