You need affordable software that supports your academic career today and makes you marketable for the workforce in the future. Harris Geospatial Solutions offers student pricing on ENVI Products and IDL to put you ahead of the curve, in the classroom and after graduation.

Get Trained on The Software Employers Use

Harris Geospatial Student Licenses, Remote Sensing Software Student Licenses

Whether your future plans include working for a top defense, commercial or governmental organization, familiarity with ENVI Products will put you out front in your job search after you graduate. ENVI is used, trusted, and respected across disciplines, and will make finding a good job at a great place that much easier.


Affordable Student Licenses

With student licenses available for a fraction of the cost of a commercial license, you can't afford not to get this software and get trained on it now. Plus, you'll have the option to skip the lab since you'll have access to the same tools on your personal machine.

Leverage Our Extensive Interactive User Community

Our interactive user forums include a robust community that crosses disciplines, providing a rich resource for you to leverage. Webinars are another opportunity for you to learn and share knowledge.


Integrated with ArcGIS®
from Esri

Harris Geospatial Student Licenses, Remote Sensing Software Student License

ArcGIS® from Esri is the de facto GIS software used across industries today. ENVI Products integrate with ArcGIS so you can access ENVI image analysis tools directly from the ArcGIS desktop and server environments. This lets you send results from ENVI to a geodatabase, or push information from ENVI directly into ArcMap™.



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