Our Professional Services Group is making important contributions in the defense and intelligence sector from advanced R&D data processing applications, to high accuracy registration and data fusion, to intuitive tools that support first phase exploiters in theater. With consultants embedded in key defense and intelligence activities, we deliver geospatial intelligence solutions to meet mission needs.

Capabilities in Defense and Intelligence


Our Professional Services Group has 30 years of experience at developing and deploying ENVI and IDL geospatial imaging solutions for the defense and intelligence community. Leverage our experience in:

  • Analyst-friendly exploitation workflows
  • Advanced Geospatial Intelligence (AGI) applications
  • Spectral, thermal, and SAR MASINT tools
  • Enhancing intelligence applications with commercial data sources
  • Over 30 years experience supporting National Programs
  • DoD/IC community access
  • TS/SCI access


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