Keeping our world safe is an enormous job with unique challenges. With our software tools, defense and intelligence personnel can turn geospatial imagery and data into timely, accurate, actionable intelligence. Our custom and off-the-shelf tools are easy to learn, integrate with popular platforms such as ArcGIS® from Esri, and are scientifically proven so you can depend on the results you get.

Target Identification
Military and defense personnel rely on our software solutions to deliver accurate tactical information about a geographic area by using imagery to locate threats and identify targets

Understanding Terrain
Use geospatial imagery for mission planning to get an informed view of the terrain you will encounter so you can make better tactical decisions on the ground.

Manage On-Demand GEOINT
Use our geospatial software to deliver online, on-demand information to the forward deployed so they have the actionable intelligence they need to ensure mission success.

Professional Services
Leverage our expertise to define requirements, develop, and deploy custom solutions that utilize the latest image and data analysis technologies to meet your unique mission needs.

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