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Increase Agricultural Efficiencies Using Satellite Imagery (Recorded)

Author: Abby Lehman/Friday, January 09, 2015/Categories: Webinars, ENVI Webinar

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As anyone living in a major drought region will tell you, water has become the new gold. Properly conserving and managing our most valuable natural resource is becoming more and more important as the world’s climate changes. Everyone from local farmers to national government agencies are using innovative techniques, including geospatial technologies to improve water conservation and increase agricultural efficiencies overall.

In this webinar, see how the combination of imagery from Airbus Defense and Space and the advanced ENVI image analysis software from Exelis can be used to increase agricultural efficiencies, including estimating crop yields and water content, identifying stressed plants, combating disease and pests, and more.

View this webinar to learn how you can:

  • Choose the best imagery for your application so you get the best results
  • Optimize agricultural practices and increase production efficiency using image analysis techniques
  • Produce maps, graphs, and Geospatial PDFs to quickly share results with others


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Heikki Laurila

2/22/2017 11:15 PM

I would be interested in learning more about you Precision Agriculture Tools

Best regards from Finland, Heikki Laurila

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