Our case studies will help you discover the diversity of critical problems solved through Harris Geospatial Solutions and products.

EAS 2016 - Case Study: Monitoring the Amazon


Building on the success of last year’s event, the 2016 ENVI Analytics Symposium was a rousing success with two jam-packed days of world-class presentations, insightful panel discussions, and plenty of networking opportunities. The sold-out event, held in Boulder, Colorado in August, drew participants from the private sector, governmental... more »

Geospatial Analytics in the Cloud


Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Harris Geospatial have teamed up to offer anytime, anywhere geospatial analytics in the cloud. AWS has made it easy to use open data sources such as Landsat through their cloud technology, and when ENVI analytics are deployed in the AWS environment, organizations save money while enabling faster and better... more »

Reaping Unexpected Benefits from Geiger-mode LiDAR Data


BACKGROUND About a year and a half ago, the Channel Island Regional GIS (CIRGIS) cooperative launched an initiative to update elevation and topographic contour information for a large swath of Southern California. CIRGIS is a non-profit public benefit cooperation founded in 2004, and part of its mission is to empower government and private... more »

OSPRI Uses ENVI to Protect New Zealand’s Livestock


BACKGROUND In December 2015, an outbreak of bovine Tuberculosis (TB) infected four herds of deer and cattle in Mt. Cargill area, on the outskirts of Dunedin, New Zealand. Needless to say, the news was not welcomed. After reaching peak levels in the 1990s, a large-scale $1.2 billion control effort had brought TB affected herds down from 1700 in... more »

Inforest Research Uses ENVI to Deliver Timely Forest Fire Damage Assessments


BACKGROUND In Greece, the forest fire season coincides with tourist season, running from May through October. Trying to manage the influx of tourists into areas that are vulnerable to fire keeps the civil protection authorities and fire service on high alert. Local administrations and municipalities currently do not provide access to mapped... more »

dPlan Simplifies UAV Surveillance Mission Planning


When an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) operator plans a surveillance mission, success depends on many variables. The mission plan must weigh the capabilities of the UAV and its sensor package against the quality of information required at each target location. After all, some surveillance tasks are more demanding than others and may require a... more »

Exelis VIS uses ENVI and IDL to Help Halifax Water Overhaul Billing Structure


In 2007, Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) transferred wastewater and stormwater assets to Halifax Water, establishing the first regulated and integrated water, wastewater and stormwater utility in Canada. Even prior to the transfer, HRM realized that the methodology for stormwater revenues had to be reviewed. Halifax Water embarked on a... more »

HySpeed Computing and Exelis VIS Partner to Provide Online, On-demand Image Processing


HySpeed Computing has partnered with Exelis VIS to develop the HICO Image Processing System, a prototype cloud computing framework that will provide online, on-demand, scalable remote sensing image processing capabilities. “We want to put the power of image processing and data visualization within the geosciences into the hands of the... more »

A Hands-on Approach to Teaching Remote Sensing


Stewart Bruce, who is the GIS Program Coordinator at Washington College in Chestertown, MD, has found that the best way to teach remote sensing is hands on. “I lecture a little bit, then have students turn the computers on and jump in,” said Bruce, who is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor in Anthropology, and Assistant Director,... more »

Exelis - Contributing to the Success of the James Web Space Telescope


Background The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is one of the most ambitious satellites ever constructed, from its complex construction, launch and deployment, to its orbit around the Earth-Sun L2 Lagrange Point. This orbit is outside the Earth's orbit of the Sun where the combined gravitational pull of the Sun and Earth provides precisely... more »




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