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Remote Sensing for Oil & Gas


Remote Sensing for Oil & Gas: Modern Data & Analytics for the New Age of Surface and Above-Surface Exploration, Operations, Environmental Monitoring, and Health and Safety Applications Remote Sensing and associated technologies are not new, in fact they have been around for several decades. However use of “above... more »

Jagwire: Fast Reliable Access to Geospatial Intelligence — Anytime, Anywhere


Background You know the drill. You task your analysts with searching through terabytes of data, most of it irrelevant, to find that one piece of data. The one that you didn’t even know you were looking for, but recognize the moment you see it. It is a lot like sifting through a haystack in search of a needle. There is never enough time... more »

Mapping Assessment of Coastal Erosion Using LiDAR and Optical Data


Mapping Assessment of Coastal Erosion Using LiDAR and Optical Data Background The world’s coastlines are ever changing due to the constant erosion and redistribution of sediment by waves and wind. However, weather events like hurricanes can cause drastic changes in a short period of time. The resulting changes in dune and beach... more »

IDL Helps South Korean Scientists Predict Space Weather


IDL Helps South Korean Scientists Predict Space Weather Background In 1859, the sun let loose a large coronal ejection that caused a geomagnetic storm that lit up the sky and frazzled communication wires around the world. It caused auroras knows as the “Carrington Event” that were said to have awakened campers in the middle of the... more »

IDL Helps Scientists Measure Global Rainfall


IDL Helps Scientists Measure Global Rainfall Background The Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission, a joint mission between NASA and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), is an international network of satellites that will provide the next-generation global observations of rain and snow. The GPM concept centers on the... more »

Mapping Crop Residue with Landsat Data using ENVI for ArcGIS®


Mapping Crop Residue with Landsat Data using ENVI for ArcGIS® Background Traditionally, farmers have “worked” or tilled their land to control weeds and kill volunteer crops. These tillage methods remove crop residues, disturb the natural soil structure, and expose the soil to erosion. Conservation tillage, on the other hand,... more »

Curious Scientists Use ENVI and IDL to Delve into Mysteries on Mars


"What's out there?" is a question that captured our collective imagination long before we actually traveled into space to explore it. With the recent Mars Science Laboratory mission to Mars, once again all eyes are turned skyward. Exelis Visual Information Solutions is helping scientists on the Mars Curiosity rover team answer that age old... more »

Exelis VIS Puts a "Drop in the Bucket" to Help Ethiopia


Exelis Visual Information Solutions (Exelis VIS) recently renewed user licenses for its scientific programming language, IDL, that were donated in June of 2011, to a USAID project aimed at helping Ethiopia tackle the daunting task of developing and managing their water resources. The program is administered by the Ethiopian Institute of Water... more »

Teaching with ENVI Yields Benefits In the Classroom and Beyond


Professor Stuart Phinn of the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia, decided to start using ENVI software to teach advanced image processing two years ago. "We made the switch to ENVI because the teaching staff had become increasingly frustrated with the direction the packaged programs were... more »

Saint Louis University


Saint Louis University is a growing teaching and research institution that offers more than 85 undergraduate degree programs, 50 graduate programs, and 25 professional and certification programs. The main Frost campus lies in St. Louis’ Midtown area, in the heart of the theater and... more »




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