Our case studies will help you discover the diversity of critical problems solved through Harris Geospatial Solutions and products.

ITRES uses ENVI to create custom solutions for customers in the Environmental Industry.


Customer Challenge Environmental companies in industries such as forestry, agriculture, water quality mapping, military ordinance detection, and emergency response need complete data analysis solutions. ITRES needed to create a solution for their customers that would employ hyperspectral imagery to analyze environmental issues, including... more »

IAS Delivers Geospatial Imagery to CWID 2005 Remote Users


Customer Challenge The Coalition Warrior Interoperabilty Demonstration (CWID), is a demonstration that highlights defense-related soltutions. ITT Visual Information Solutions (now Exelis Visual Information Solutions) highlighted the need for deployed war fighters or imagery analysts to access current, operation critical imagery quickly during... more »

IDL and ENVI Aid in Martian Discoveries


Customer Challenge Mars Rover image analysts needed an easily customized solution to visualizing and analyzing data from imaging instruments deployed on Mars. Solution Achieved The goal of the Mars exploration mission was to answer questions posed for generations: what is the history of water on Mars, and what is the potential that life... more »

Washington University Proves that SeaWiFS* Data can be Used to Analyze Cloud-Free Areas for Aerosol Pollution


Customer Challenge Atmospheric aerosols play an important role in climate change. In fact, much research supports the theory that atmospheric aerosols could partly neutralize the heating effect of greenhouse gases. Aerosols are typically studied over water, due to the relatively constant reflectance of water and the ability to easily separate... more »

IAS Helps US Army Disseminate Critical Information


Customer Challenge The United States Army National Ground Intelligence Command (NGIC) needed a solution to getting timely and accurate information to deployed field personnel in critical military operations. Solution Achieved Military personnel deployed to field locations around the world depend on timely and accurate information to help... more »

Indiana University Uses IDL & ENVI to Enhance Geology Instruction


Customer Challenge The Indiana University Department of Geology needed to calibrate instruments and spacecraft, as well as analyze hyperspectral satellite data and extract diagnostic spectral features for the identification and discrimination of minerals and rocks, soil types, vegetation species and the assessment of conditions of these... more »

IDL Helps Students Discover Exciting Career Paths


Customer Challenge A nonprofit organization needed a solution that would provide their students with software to visualize astronomical data. Solution Achieved Meeting a need for non-profit organizations to provide their students with real-world, quality software, ITT Visual Information Solutions (now Exelis Visual Information... more »

IDL Helps Visualize Complex Earth Data in NOAA's "Science on a Sphere™" Project


Customer Challenge The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) needed to import various data sets onto a spherical representation of the Earth. NOAA's mission is to support ecosystem management, climate change, freshwater supply and homeland security. In order to reach those goals, they needed to implement several programs to... more »

IDL Used in NASA's SeaWIFS Project


Customer Challenge Because of the highly distributed nature of the user base for data provided by the SeaWiFS project, NASA needed to develop a custom application that would allow scientists around the globe to access the remote sensing data over the Internet and analyze the data in a manner that consistently adheres to rigid scientific... more »

IDL Used to Visualize and Analyze Saturn's Rings


Customer Challenge Scientists at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) located at the University of Colorado, Boulder needed a method to analyze and visualize information coming from The Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph installed on board Cassini. Solution Achieved Cassini is a spacecraft that entered Saturn’s orbit... more »




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