Our case studies will help you discover the diversity of critical problems solved through Harris Geospatial Solutions and products.

LANL Uses IDL to Analyze Neutron Scattering Data


Customer Challenge Los Alamos National Laboratory's Lujan school needed a data visualization and analysis solution that was flexible enough to meet the needs of their neutron scattering experiments. Solution Achieved Los Alamos National Laboratory's Lujan school uses the world's most powerful proton linear accelarators to conduct basic and... more »

Moffitt Cancer Research


Customer Challenge H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute needed a software solution that would help them make better diagnoses of lung and breast cancer. Solution Achieved Moffit's Robert Velthuizen works with mammograms and chest x-rays to improve diagnosis of breast and lung cancer. In one project, beta- emitting... more »

Oceanographers Use IDL to Visualize World Topography


Customer Challenge Oceanographers at Millersville University Earth Sciences Department needed a solution for displaying and analyzing large, complex data sets in an easy-to-use graphical user interface. Solution Achieved Because oceans vary dramatically in depth and elevation, massive amounts of data on land elevation, ocean depth, contours... more »

IDL Speeds Reaction Design's Development Path


Customer Challenge Engineers in the chemical processing industry face the dual challenge of making processing more efficient while also allowing for environmentally responsible manufacturing practices. Engineers at Reaction Design needed a way to bridge the gap between laboratory-induced chemical synthesis and real-life chemical reactions in... more »

SoHo Scientists Take a "Quick Look" at the Sun Using IDL


Customer Challenge Scientists needed a customized solution for studying data from instruments which were launched by SOHO and NASA to study the internal structure of the Sun. One of these instruments, The Coronal Diagnostic Spectrometer (CDS), returns very large amounts of data that must be quickly and accurately processed. Solution... more »

XEROX Organic Thin Film Transistor Manufacturing Breakthrough - IDL and LabView Working Together


Customer Challenge XEROX needed to develop a more efficient and accurate method of organic thin film transistor manufacturing. Solution Achieved To solve their problem, they turned to IDL and LabVIEW. At their Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), XEROX took a CAD circuit design and used IDL to formulate vectors and then render the image in... more »

Exelis Visual Information Solutions Professional Services Group helps create European "Pole of Thematic Competence"


Customer Challenge Studies of complex systems generally take into consideration data providing from different and very specific sources. Numerous research centers, with their own specialization, are then involved. Gathering all these information is necessary, but not sufficient. Competences have also to be shared. The creation of a “Pole... more »

Exelis' Enhanced Visualization Tools Accelerate Better Decision Making - The ANGEL System


Exelis delivers industry-leading imagery that enhances the safety and profitability of natural gas operations For operators of underground transmission pipelines and/or aboveground natural gas processing facilities, finding and fixing “fugitive emission” leaks continues to be a business-critical task for safety, environmental... more »

Invasive Species Management in the Sacramento San Joaquin Valley


Customer Challenge For many years, we have known the threat and adverse effects of invasive plant species on our ecosystem. Long after these species have been introduced, the original populations can continue to spread virally and negatively affect other areas. Scientists needed a unique method of providing a comprehensive baseline for... more »

Using ENVI and IDL to Study Geological Processes on the Surface of Mars


Customer Challenge In order to study the geomorphology of mars, planetary geologists from Paris’ Institute of Physique of the Earth needed a flexible image exploitation solution that provided built-in analysis capabilities, while allowing customization to meet the needs of scientists in the various disciplines that make up the team.... more »




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