Our case studies will help you discover the diversity of critical problems solved through Harris Geospatial Solutions and products.

Researchers Use IDL for Astronomical Research and Educational Outreach


Customer Challenge Researchers and Instructors at Lowell Observatory needed a data visualization tool for all phases of astronomical research, as well as a teaching tool for the many outreach programs they organize and support. Solution Achieved Founded in 1894, the Lowell Observatory was the first astronomical observatory in Arizona.... more »

Professional Services Group Uses IDL to Support EUMETSAT Meteorology Project


Customer Challenge EUMETSAT, the European counterpart to the US NOAA, required a ground station component to calibrate and validate huge amounts of data returned from their innovative Polar Orbiting Satellites. The satellites which were launched in order to support better weather and storm predictions. Solution Achieved EUMETSAT is a... more »

A New View on Weather - Australian Company Provides Weather Forecasting Software for Asia


Customer Challenge Environmental Systems and Services needed a flexible development environment with built in image analysis capabilities for developing a meteorological forecasting tool Solution Achieved Engineers and visionaries at Environmental Systems and Services (ES&S) have developed technology that makes weather forecasting easier... more »

Exelis Visual Information Solutions Encourages Careers in Image Science


Customer Challenge RIT needed an easily customizable software solution that allowed their students to pursue degrees in image science. Solution Achieved Many industries around the world have a growing need for qualified, highly trained image scientists to process, analyze, and make use of imagery obtained from a variety of sources. Imagery... more »

Using IDL Helps Researchers Understand Earth-Like Planets in Other Solar Systems


Customer Challenge Researchers at the University of Colorado needed a data visualization and analysis solution that would integrate with the department's legacy code, and that would help them create simulations of planetary migration patterns. Solution Achieved Growing evidence that planets similar to the Earth exist in other planetary... more »

Eye of the Storm - IDL Integral in Analyzing Satellite Imagery Used for Storm Tracking


Customer Challenge Ray Sterner of the Applied Physics Laboratory needed a data visualization solution that would allow anyone to view and track hurricanes on a website. Solution Achieved The summer of 2005 was an unusually active hurricane season, emphasized by record-breaking Katrina in August. Katrina is now considered one of the most... more »

IDL Allows Los Alamos National Lab to Visualize Complex Atomic Physics Data


Customer Challenge The Atomic and Optical Theory (T-4) group at Los Alamos National Laboratory generates gigabytes of data using a number of opacity codes that calculate the absorption of radiation by materials under various physical conditions. Physicists on the team needed a way to organize data from the output code so it could be easily... more »

VEGA Group Creates a Simulation Platform for Galileo Data


Customer Challenge The European Union (EU) and the European Space Agency (ESA) needed to add powerful visualization capabilities to a simulation environment at the Galileo System Simulation Facility (GSSF). Solution Achieved In 2000, the European Union (EU) and the European Space Agency (ESA) initiated Galileo, an international project to... more »

Delivering Imagery to Distant Air Force Field Personnel


Customer Challenge The US Airforce needed a way to deliver large-file imagery at high speeds over low bandwidth networks to combat forces. Solution Achieved As part of an Air Force-sponsored program, ITT Corporation (now Exelis, Inc) has developed and delivered an advanced imagery management and dissemination solution for the Air Force that... more »

SpaDiS™ Software Gives Geologists and Miners an Edge in Explorations


Customer Challenge The Vearncombe consulting group needed a software package that allowed them to effectively find and extract profit yielding mineral deposits. Solution Achieved In the past, prospectors of valuable minerals like gold and silver relied on extensive fieldwork, photography, and personal experience when planning and... more »




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