Our case studies will help you discover the diversity of critical problems solved through Harris Geospatial Solutions and products.

KSAT provides NRT Satellite Imagery Over the Arctic Ocean


Customer Challenge Until recently, any journey in the ice-infested waters of the Arctic Ocean was a journey into the unknown, with no up-to-date, detailed map of the ice conditions readily available in such a remote region of the world. Now, Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) provides Near Real Time (NRT) satellite imagery of the Arctic Ocean... more »

IDL Donations Help Foster Early Interest in Scientific Data Exploration


Customer Challenge Teachers tasked with instructing students students in scientific disciplines sometimes lack the tools they needed to dynamically present scientific data - such as weather patterns, oceanographic trends, and astronomical phenomena. Having current data is important in order for students to understand the research and... more »

IDL Mathematical Capabilities Allow k-Space Associates to Assess Real-Time, Thin-Film Quality


Customer Challenge As thin-film technology advances, it’s increasingly important to monitor the film’s characteristics. That’s because eliminating irregularities in thin films—used primarily to create computer chips—enhances their performance. k-Space Associates, Inc., (kSA) is an entrepreneurial company that... more »

Data Visualisation for DSTO Over-the-Horizon Radar R&D


Written and submitted by Rod Barnes (Editor), Don Sinnott (Chief SSD), Stuart Anderson, Marina Ozerova, Ben White, Mike Wilson, Trevor Harris and Andrew Cool. Enhancing Australia's Defence Capabilities DSTO research assists the Australian Defence Force by Investigating the use of future technologies for defence... more »

GeoMine Uses ENVI to Locate and Map Landmines


Customer Challenge Every year, landmines planted during periods of conflict kill or injure several thousand people, most of whom are civilians. The vast majority of these landmines are located in countries no longer at war,such as the southern African nation of Angola. In addition to tracks of land with unidentified mines, governments... more »

West Valley College


West Valley College West Valley College is a public California community college located on the west side of Silicon Valley, 50 miles south of San Francisco. Continuing a nearly 40 year tradition, West Valley College offers 18 dynamic career programs, professional... more »

NOAA Uses ENVI to Map and Extract Detailed Information about Seafloor Habitats


Customer Challenge Organizations involved in environmental management and conservation work employ a variety of technologies to manage human interactions with the environment.  Today, geospatial imagery is increasingly being used for its up-to-date, accurate information about geographic areas of interest and is of critical importance for... more »

Using Imagery to Find Gold-Bearing Alteration Zones


Customer Challenge Remotely sensed imagery provides up-to-date, accurate information about geographic areas of interest and is of critical importance in many oil, gas and mining applications. Information extracted from imagery is used by professionals in these industries to address problems ranging from the selection and development of... more »

Using ENVI and ArcGIS to Aid Rescue Efforts


Customer Challenge Responding quickly and effectively after a disaster has occurred is paramount to reducing injuries and saving lives, preventing property loss and mitigating further damage. Today, geospatial imagery and advanced image analysis tools are used to provide timely, critical information to decision makers following manmade and... more »

Researcher Uses SARscape and ENVI to Monitor Forests


Customer Challenge Geospatial imagery provides specific information about geographic areas of interest and is used to make informed, accurate decisions in a variety of applications. One popular application for geospatial imagery is environmental conservation and resource management. Many local, national and global environmental and... more »




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