Our case studies will help you discover the diversity of critical problems solved through Harris Geospatial Solutions and products.

Exelis Visual Information Solutions helps OrbiSat get the answers they need from imagery


Customer Challenge Governments and commercial businesses around the world increasingly need up-to-date, specific information about geographic areas of interest in order to make informed and accurate decisions. Today, this information comes in the form of remotely sensed imagery, which provides essential data about virtually anything occurring... more »

Rochester Institute of Technology


Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester Institute of Technology is a nationally respected leader in professional and career-oriented education and is composed of 8 colleges offering more than 90 different bachelor’s, 68 master’s, and 6 doctoral degree... more »

ENVI Integrated into Academic GIS Programs to Meet Technology Demands of the Workforce


Customer Challenge Community college faculty need help to meet workforce demands for geospatial professionals with image analysis skills and education. To meet this need, existing college Geographic Information Systems (GIS) programs are incorporating image analysis training and software that allow them to easily and accurately extract... more »

Using Imagery and Image Analysis Software to Manage Highway Assets


Government agencies and departments across the country face a significant challenge to manage the every-growing inventory of highway assets including painted markings, signs, and other roadway features. Creating an inventory of these assets is essential to the planning and maintenance activities that keep our roadways safe and navigable. Like... more »

ENVI-Based Patent Opens the Door to Near Real-Time Image Processing on Remote Platforms


Customer Challenge Members of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory needed to find alternative uses for common gridded weather data to advance civilian and military operations, such as search and rescue missions. Solution Achieved Weather data collected from various sources, such as balloons and satellites, have been used... more »

ENVI Plays Key Role in Flood Detection


Story written and submitted by Mária Putsay and Judit Kerenyi of the Hungarian Meteorological Service Customer Challenge During the recent years large and extreme floods occurred frequently in many parts of the world. In the past, the flood forecasts and defense-related information provided by Romania to Hungary (downstream) have been... more »

USDA Uses Remote Sensing and ENVI to Detect Food Contaminants


Customer Challenge Food contaminants are a problem for both food distributors and consumers. Poultry can be particularly dangerous, as contaminants can cause serious health issues. The USDA needed a way, using remotely sensed imagery, to detect contaminated poultry before it ever leaves the production line. Solution Achieved When most people... more »

Precision Farming with ENVI


Customer Challenge Vintners in California needed an imaging solution to improve irrigation and nutrition management, make crop adjustments, and monitor disease and pest populations. Solution Achieved Susan Mahler and Paul Skinner of Terra Spase, located in Napa, California are using airborne remote sensing data, in combination with soil... more »

AIR, Corp Uses ENVI to Determine Accuracy of Insurance Claims


Customer Challenge Every year, thousands of insurance claims are filed with individuals seeking compensation for natural disasters, such as flooding and hail, which have damaged or destroyed their agricultural fields. Though some of these claims are genuine and reflect farmers' financial vulnerability,a number of the claims are fraudulent.... more »

Digital Terrain Model with Landsat Images


Customer Challenge Decision makers in Flores, Indonesia required visually intuitive representations of surface features in Komodo National Park. A research project prompted Muhammed Barnawi to find a way to providebetter interpretable visualizations. Solution Achieved Barnawi used ENVI to create Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), which provide... more »




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