Our case studies will help you discover the diversity of critical problems solved through Harris Geospatial Solutions and products.

ENVI Helps Facilitate Peanut Crop Health in Australia


Customer Challenge Growing peanuts is a delicate and precise process. Peanut plants do not flower and dry off as they mature, like wheat or corn, but continue to flower indeterminately and grow their pods underground. This makes it extremely difficult to surmise when they are ready to be harvested, which has resulted in a $6.3 million annual... more »

ENVI Helps Researchers Monitor Ecological Integrity


Customer Challenge Scientists concerned with changes in our ecological systems continually explore new ways to depict important study results which can be instinctively understood by their audience. Static maps and 2D presentations were for decades the only methods for scientists to present results of land studies and scientific research... more »

ENVI Improves Mining Profitability


Customer Challenge The use of ASTER data has grown in recent years due to its relatively low cost, broad area of coverage and the fact that data from additional channels are available for critical parts of the spectrum. Bob Agar of Australian Geological and Remote Sensing Services needed a way to use ASTER data to detect areas of mining that... more »

ENVI Poised for Use in Camouflage Detection


Customer Challenge Defense forces routinely rely on a combination of camouflage netting, foliage and terrain to protect large troop deployments and infrastructure from detection. The use of standard broad-band surveillance sensors to find these hidden targets is labor intensive and generally results in a low probability of detection and many... more »

ENVI Used in Remote Sensing Course at Southern Oregon University


Customer Challenge Students from diverse disciplines, such as biology, geography and geology, at Southern Oregon University need to understand the various applications for remotely sensed imagery and the benefits of image analysis using ENVI. Universities increasingly need to provide students with courses which address this need. Solution... more »

ENVI Used to Detect Pollutants in Houston


Customer Challenge The City of Houston was looking for a way to detect illegal or unauthorized chemical releases or disposal of them on land, in the air or in the water. Their vision was to use hyperspectral imagery to detect, measure and identify pollutant discharges and emissions. Once the detection and measurement had taken place, their... more »

HANTS - Harmonic Analyses of NDVI Time-Series


Customer Challenge Researchers at the Cdentre for Geoinformation in the Netherlands needed to process NDVI time-series from the SPOT-VGT sensor, using ENVI, over a period of five years to investigate phenology differences between landcover types, and how weather conditions affected the differences. Solution Achieved Researchers used IDL... more »

IDL and ENVI are at the Heart of International Projects with EADS Defense and Security Systems in France


Customer Challenge EADS needed to create a solution using satellite imagery to enable the National Forest Inventory to identify forest cut inventories. Solution Achieved EADS Defense and Security Systems developed the Metis forêt solution, in partnership with the CEMAGREF (Research Institute for Agriculture and Environment... more »

Processing and Georeferencing Raw Satellite Imagery Using ENVI


Customer Challenge Both Commercial and recreational fisherman are always looking for better ways to find concentrations of fish and increase their catch. Roffer’s Ocean Fishing Forecasting Service, Inc (ROFFSä) in Miami, Florida thought there might be a way, using satellite data, to solve the problem. Solution Achieved Roffers... more »

ENVI Plays Key Role in Oil Seep Detection


Customer Challenge Asset monitoring is critical for energy and oil companies. Because assets can be difficult to map and assess on a regular basis, decisions regarding their development and maintenance are made with limited and often inaccurate data. Ellis Geospatial of Walnut Creek, California needed a way to help energy and oil companies... more »




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