Our case studies will help you discover the diversity of critical problems solved through Harris Geospatial Solutions and products.

Scientists Use ENVI to Determine Damage Extents in Earthquake Zones


Customer Challenge Earthquakes can cause extreme damage, not only to personal property, but to natural landscapes and infrastructures. Identifying the scope and amount of dame casued by an earthquake is vital for many reason, including disaster response and aid. The identification of damage due to large earthquakes is vital to grasping the... more »

Spectral Wizard Allows Mine Operators to Detect Copper Deposits


Customer Challenge GIS Specialists at the Sensores Remotos & GIS (SRGIS) in Santiago, Chile needed to find copper deposits in the Chuquicamata mine by using spectral signatures. Solution Achieved The Chuquicamata mine is the biggest porphyry copper deposit in the world. Investigators at SRGIS knew that the West Fault area had limited... more »

French Space Agency Uses ENVI to Study Ecosystem Evolution


Customer Challenge The French Space Agency, CNES (Centre National des Études Spatiales), launched their VEGETATION project ten years ago. They needed a way to process and analyze data on a daily basis to represent the time-sequenced evolution of ecosystems, natural and cultivated vegetation, and even water and icebergs on... more »

Using MERIS Images for Mapping Forest Fire Damage


Customer Challenge Forest fires, with the capacity to devastate landscape quickly and totally, are a threat to ecosystem functioning in the areas of biodiversity and hydrology. By releasing carbon dioxide, they can also affect global atmospheric chemistry. A system to map the extent of the damage and plan recovery efforts has become a priority... more »

Blackhawk GeoServices Develops Software for Detecting Unexploded Military Objects


Customer Challenge The military had a need to Unexploded ordinance (UXO) is a serious problem for military service personnel on artillery ranges across the U.S. and in operational theatres around the world. Solution Achieved Blackhawk Geoservices, based in Golden, Colorado, is a company with expertise in the detection and mitigation of... more »

IDL Helps Scientists Understand the Solar System’s Formation


Customer Challenge NASA planned an historic mission to impact a comet in outer space. Lead mission engineers needed sophisticated space vehicles, onboard imaging instruments, and a solution for calibrating the instruments and visualizing and analyzing huge amounts of data. Solution Achieved Ball Aerospace built a space system for NASA that... more »

Columbia Uses IDL to Make Learning Climatology Possible for Anyone


Customer Challenge Columbia University needed to make a Global Climate Model teaching aid for high schools, universities, and anyone else interested in learning about meteorology and climatology. Solution Achieved Columbia University, in cooperation with NASA, developed a free Global Climate Model using IDL, which is now available for high... more »

Woods Hole Research Center Using ENVI to Promote Forest Conservation in the Northern Congo


Customer Challenge There is a growing initiative to preserve forested areas in Africa. The Woods Hole Research Center needed a way to map land areas to assess damage and gain an accurate representation of preserved land versus covered land. Solution Achieved In recent years, scientific research, outreach programs, and public education have... more »




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