IDL Related Links

Ronn Kling Consulting

Consulting firm specializing in working with clients in developing applications that will aid them in reaching their goals using IDL and other languages.

Fanning Consulting

A large collection of tips collected by David Fanning from his experience teaching hundreds of IDL programming classes as well as useful information from the IDL news group (comp.lang.idl-pvwave).


BCS's DETECT/NDE is a software system for visualization and resolution enhancement of ultrasonic data sets obtained in nondestructive evaluation applications.

Liam Gumley's IDL Links

Liam Gumley's site at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Go here to find several useful applications for satellite data processing, including SHARP, which is a shareware software package for reading HDF data files containing Scientific Data Sets.

Bob Stein, Physics and Astronomy, MSU

Teaches a general education astronomy course, Visions of the Universe, ISP 205, and advanced undergraduate and graduate courses on Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics, Radiation Astrophysics, AST 810, and Stellar Astrophysics, AST 840.

The Center for Imaging Science

This website details the course "SIMG-211 Programming for Imaging Science", which utilizes IDL as the programming environment.

Institute Laue-Langevin

LAMP, Large Array Manipulation Program, analyzes and displays data obtained from neutron scattering experiments. LAMP is downloadable.


This site contains three JHU/APL/S1R IDL libraries. Many of the routines are related to IDL programming support. It is not claimed that these routines are the ultimate in efficiency, they work well for their original purpose, and may be of general interest. Some routines have been updated to take advantage of new features in IDL. Other routines will be updated in the future. These routines have not been tested for PV-WAVE. One demonstration library is also included to show how the eqv routine works.

Interactive Solar Image Site

Interactive IDL-based browser for the SOONSPOT catalog; run IDL over the Internet.

IDL ROSAT Software

Archive containing ROSAT data analysis software for use with IDL. User's Guide with IDL Tutorial. FITS file format capabilities/procedure.

National Space Science Data Center at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

The Space Physics Data Facility (SPDF) at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center uses IDL to provide browser-based plots and listings of heliophysics spacecraft and ground-based data in CDAWeb and OMNIweb. The IDL software is available as CDAWlib with source at These services are also available through REST and SOAP interfaces, particularly easy to use within IDL.

Pacific Marine & Environmental Laboratory Tropical Atmospheric Ocean Project

Details of what El Niño is and its effects. Animated imagery of data show El Niño development. Links to related sites. Current weather conditions and forecasts.

Univ. of Washington's IDL Astronomy Home Page

This site contains Eric Deutsch's IDL help information at the Astronomy Department at the University of Washington. Access to the Deutsch IMG IDL Library. PostScript Utilities for IDL. Access to the Astronomy User's Library.

Wayne Landsman's IDL Astronomy Library

This library is a collection of user-written IDL modules useful to astronomers. Its organization and maintenance is funded by NASA. Descriptions of Library Procedures.

Ken Bowman

Ken Bowman authored a book entitled, An Introduction to Programming with IDL. Ken also provides a graphics gallery, other useful IDL resources, and more.


ENVI Related Links

Bodkin Design & Engineering

Bodkin Design & Engineering develops products for the industrial, commercial, military, and research industries, with expertise in optics, electro-optics, opto-mechanics, mechanical engineering, and physics. BD&E has successfully introduced a broad range of cutting-edge technologies and industry patents to their clients and industry, including a hyperspectral sensor which outputs ENVI file formatted hypercubes.

USGS Spectroscopy Laboratory

Information about the USGS Spectral Library that is included in ENVI, imagery and information on hyperspectral remote sensing, and data ready for download.

Horizon GeoImaging, LLC

Horizon GeoImaging is a small business incorporated in the state of Colorado to conduct advanced remote sensing research and applications and to provide digital imaging processing and analysis services.


AVIRIS is an acronym for the Airborne Visible InfraRed Imaging Spectrometer. AVIRIS is a world class instrument in the realm of Earth Remote Sensing. It is a unique optical sensor that delivers calibrated images of the upwelling spectral radiance in 224 contiguous spectral channels (also called bands) with wavelengths from 400 to 2500 nanometers (nm). The instrument flies aboard a NASA ER-2 airplane (a U2 plane modified for increased performance) at approximately 20 km above sea level, at about 730 km/hr. AVIRIS has flown all across the US, plus Canada and Europe.

OKSI Opto-Knowledge Systems, Inc

OKSI specializes in the development of turn-key electro-optical sensor systems covering the UV, VNIR, SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR. Systems OKSI designs and builds include the mechanical assembly (high vacuum dewars for cryogenic operations), electronics, optics, computer interface and signal acquisition, algorithms for signal and data processing.



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