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Get the most out of your data and imagery. Take advantage of our classroom training, on-site training and computer based training.

  • "Very helpful training. I feel much more confident about my RS skills with ENVI and am excited to bring back to my employer to start working on larger projects."

    Taylor Grysen

    Bureau of Land Management
  • "It was great to have class members present examples of projects they've done with ENVI to see some other real-world applications of the software."

    Bridget Hass

  • "The instructor did a good job with this class, especially with the various backgrounds and interests in the class."

    Jared Ware

    United States Military Academy


From introductory to expert level classes, we have the courses to help you sharpen your ENVI and IDL skills. Learn directly from the experts - join us in Broomfield, CO for hands-on training.


Do you have a team that could benefit from expert led ENVI or IDL training? Let Harris Geospatial come to you. On-site training allows your organization to take advantage of collaboration between team members learning together, reduces time away from the office, and lowers travel expenses.

During an on-site training class, one of our remote sensing, image analysis, or data visualization experts will host a training session at your location and customize the course to fit your needs. With the vast experience of our instructors, we can even meet the needs of an organization with security requirements and unique data.

Contact our subject matter experts to coordinate a training class at your location - geospatialtraining@harris.com.


We are excited to offer ENVI and IDL computer based training (CBT) to help you build new skills from the comfort of your home or office. Locate the right training module for your workflow and learn the material at your own speed -- all at no cost to you.

To get started, you simply need a login for the harrisgeospatial.com website. If you don't have one, registering is easy. Once you select a CBT module, the data you'll need to get started will be available for download. You will then have the option to follow along with the CBT in ENVI or IDL, or you can watch the videos.

Each module provides a glossary of terms, detailed background information on the topic, and step-by-step instructions on how to complete the training.

Are you just starting out? "Mastering the Basics" training module is your first stop and will quickly get you moving into more complex processing and analysis. We will continue to add more modules so keep checking back. To find out more about ENVI and IDL computer based training, please contact geospatialtraining@harris.com.

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