Harris Geospatial Solutions whitepapers feature detailed technical information about how product and services have been developed and used across industries to empower you understand the world around you.

Using ENVI and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


Introduction:   GIS (Geographic Information System) professionals recognize that imagery is essential for understanding what is happening in the world, learning how the environment is changing, and giving context to other types of data. Image availability, the power of its information content and the number of dissemination methods are ... more »



Accuracy Assessment of Passive Point Clouds


Passive point clouds have become a pervasive data modality for remote sensing analyses. A passive point ... more »

Geospatial Solutions in the Cloud


Geospatial analytics allow people to ask questions of data that exist within a spatial context. Usually ... more »

Customizing ENVI with IDL


Combining the large array of prepackaged analytical tools already available in ENVI with the programming ... more »

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