Custom Software Solutions

Leverage our domain expertise and unparalleled knowledge of data processing and image exploitation to design and develop a solution that meets your requirements. Regardless of your industry, our experts can help you analyze, visualize, and utilize big data.

End-to-end, or In Between

We have 30 years of experience identifying requirements and optimizing code to create end-to-end solutions, or we can deliver targetted functionality to your processing chain.

From Focused to Scalable

Our consultants can augment your ENVI or IDL solution with 3rd party software, port your functionality from other languages such as C,C++, or Matlab, or develop wrappers and interfaces in Java to meet your needs.

Rapid Solution Deployment

Let our experts take you further, faster, with a custom solution created to meet your unique requirements and challenges.

Medical Imaging Capabilities

Our scientific programming language, IDL, has been integral in the development of medical imaging technology from the first modalities to the advancements occurring today. We can help you create the software and hardware integration you need for your specific application with expertise in:

  • Data Visualization – 2D and 3D
  • Custom Filters
  • Image Reconstruction
  • Image Classification and Segmentation
  • Image Registration
  • Image Production and Dissemination
  • Hardware Acceleration


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