IDL has a powerful and robust analysis library that helps you to get the specific statistical and numerical information you need from your data.

IDL Includes:

  • A rich library of high-performance, multi-threaded routines to analyze your data
  • The ability to add your own specialized routines to the library by writing procedures more quickly than other languages
  • Simple syntax, dynamic data typing, and array-oriented operations
  • Built-in functionality suitable for many data trends, with tools for 2- and 3-dimensional gridding and interpolation, routines for curve and surface fitting, and the ability to perform multi-threaded computations

Image Processing

IDL contains an extensive library of image processing and analysis routines that let you convert raw images into information. With IDL you can extract useful information from nearly any type of digital image with tools for transforming image geometry, mapping, masking and statistics, warping, analyzing regions of interest, and contrasting and filtering.

Signal Processing

IDL has advanced tools for processing signal data, including transforms for signal decomposition, windowing algorithms, routines for smoothing, convolving and applying digital filters to remove noise, and correlation and covariance techniques to analyze signals with random components. IDL also has a built in wavelet toolkit that provides GUI and programmatic wavelet analysis of multi-dimensional data.

Math and Statistics Routines

Quickly add advanced mathematical and statistical functionality to an IDL application, with the add-on IDL Advanced Math and Stats Module. This module combines advanced data visualization and analysis capabilities with the comprehensive mathematical and statistical routines of the IMSL™ C Numerical Library – a set of pre-written mathematical and statistical algorithms that can be embedded into your program.


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