The IDL development environment provides an intuitive, modern code interface that enables you to quickly create programs and build applications.

An Intuitive Interface

IDL provides an intuitive interface that allows you to focus on analysis with user-friendly features like an easy-access toolbar that includes buttons for your most used programming tools. The IDL interface provides:

  • A simple interface with three main views for the editor, project explorer, and integrated console with command line.
  • Features for inserting code templates allow you to quickly create programs.
  • A toolbar with easy access to the programming tools you use most.
  • An example-based help system gives you thumbnail examples, text links, and a visual navigation paradigm to help you answer your questions quickly.
  • Create custom macros and display them on the Workbench toolbar.

Robust Help System

IDL Help is an example-based system that helps you solve specific tasks. Thumbnail examples, text links, and a visual navigation paradigm all make finding help for your problems fast and easy.

Distribute Your IDL Applications
- IDL Virtual Machine

Sharing your complied source code, applets, or entire applications is simple. Colleagues and end users can easily download the IDL Virtual Machine to take advantage of the data visualizations and analysis services already created. The IDL Virtual Machine is a freely distributed, cross-platform utility for running complied IDL code, designed to provide IDL users with a simple, no-cost method for distributing IDL applications.


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