IDL is the trusted scientific programming language used across disciplines to extract meaningful visualizations from complex numerical data. With IDL you can interpret your data, expedite discoveries, and deliver powerful applications to market.

IDL Language – Harris Geospatial Solutions

IDL is easy to learn, easy to use, and requires fewer
lines of code than other programming languages.

IDL Graphics – Harris Geospatial Solutions

Create high-quality graphic data visualizations to help interpret your data.

IDL Development Environment – Harris Geospatial Solutions

Development Environment
Quickly create programs and build applications with
the IDL Development Environment.

IDL Analysis Engine – Harris Geospatial Solutions

Analysis Engine
Get specific statistical, analytical, and numerical information from your data with IDL.

IDL Modules – Harris Geospatial Solutions

Extend the core functionality of IDL with add-on
modules for specific domains.

IDL Medical Solutions – Harris Geospatial Solutions

Medical Solutions
Medical imaging technology for reading and writing DICOM files and advanced network access.

IDL Additional Resources

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