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0 Replies and 17 Views attempt to call undefined function.  17  0 Started by  Amit When running an IDL example I get the following error. Attempt to call undefined function: 'IMAGE' When I print the path variable using the following command print, !PATH I can see that the path variable includes a folder in which “” is located. I am not sure why I am getting this error. /Applications/harris/idl86/lib/enterprise/ese:/Applications/harris/idl86/lib/graphics:/Applications/harris/idl86/lib/hook:/Applications/harris/idl86/lib/imsl:/Applications/harris/idl86/li...
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08 Aug 2017 01:09 PM
0 Replies and 40 Views Run a sav from a ASP.NET web page  40  0 Started by  mohammad vahm Hi, I have written a ASP.NET program in which a SAV file can be run by a user click. That is the ENVI idl run-time (virtual machine) is invoked to run the SAV in the aspx page. While the application is ok when I run it through Visual Studio debugging environment, It can not be run after publishing the website in local host (i.e. http://localhost/myWeb ). I don't know what the reason is and I will be appreciate if anybody could help me.
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02 Aug 2017 05:36 AM
8 Replies and 197 Views ENVI_GLT_DOIT OPENR Error  197  8 Started by  Miriam Johnston I am unable to get ENVI_GLT_DOIT to complete; it finishes 'Build GLT File Part 1' and then aborts at the end of 'Build GLT File Part 2 with the following error: Build GLT File: An error has occurred during processing. Error: 'OPENR: Error opening file. Unit:102, File: /tmp/envFriJul2812222220171926558349_1.tmp' The result may be invalid. I am using IDL version 8.4 on Ubuntu 14.04 and trying to create GLTs from lat/long files associated with MASTER remote sensing datasets. Here is an exampl...
8 197
by  Miriam JohnstonJump to last post
01 Aug 2017 11:03 AM
1 Replies and 129 Views libGL error  129  1 Started by  Gregory Ramos I don't use IDL, I am asking this on behalf of a user. We have two machines, his code ran on one, but not the other. I updated the machine where the code would not run to the newest version of IDL, same error: libGL error: No matching fbConfigs or visuals found libGL error: failed to load driver: swrast It appears that both machines have the same libraries installed. Although some of our machines have Nvidia, these two don't. We are also getting a 2nd error: !CGPLOTS ->...
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by  Mari MinariJump to last post
24 Jul 2017 02:28 PM
0 Replies and 77 Views Recover active source code  77  0 Started by  EvanM My program accidentally overwrote its source code .pro (save with filename='' instead of 'proc.sav') Can I recover the original source code I did a 'save, /routines' but that is not readable. I tried restarting and stepping with .trace, but that does not echo the source lines.
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18 Jul 2017 06:04 PM
1 Replies and 140 Views Acquiring ROI‘s data  140  1 Started by  Z Z I want to get every pixel's data value in a ROI area by using IDL.However, I don't know which function can be used to achieve this purpose. Thanks for your sincerely reply in advance.
1 140
by  Mari MinariJump to last post
29 Jun 2017 02:00 PM
0 Replies and 126 Views Creating Series of parameter lists automatically  126  0 Started by  Alireza Taravat Creating Series of parameter lists automatically I would like to know if there is any way to create something like this automatically: untitled_0 = strarr(12) untitled_1 = strarr(30) untitled_2 = strarr(50) untitled_3 = strarr(40) untitled_4 = strarr(60) untitled_5 = strarr(80) The number of untitled is not fix and it depends on my input. So it is possible to create the names like this somehow: For k = 0, 5 do begin Untitled_(k) = ……………….. Endfor
0 126
27 Jun 2017 08:19 AM
1 Replies and 222 Views Issues with the MEAN function  222  1 Started by  SH I am stymied by something that IDL is doing in my code, and I cannot explain it. I am calculating the mean (average) of a defined subset of an array (using an index defined by the where function), and I am printing out the mean as well as the number of elements in the subset for which a certain condition is met. If no element meets the condition (index = -1) , I would expect the mean to come out as NaN. However, IDL always returns a number. I thought something was wrong in my elaborate code, but...
1 222
by  David StarbuckJump to last post
30 May 2017 11:33 AM
0 Replies and 151 Views glibc detected error  151  0 Started by  David Starbuck Question: A user is running IDL scripts on their system. Usually the scripts run properly but sometimes a crash occurs with the following error message: *** glibc detected *** /opt/envi5.3.1/idl85/bin/bin.linux.x86_64/idl: malloc(): memory corruption: 0x00000000012dea60 *** The backtrace has lines that say things such as the following: ==5d33231000-7f5d34c3d000 r-xp 00000000 /usr/lib64/ 7f5d35926000-7f5d359f4000 r-xp 00000000 /usr/lib64/li...
0 151
24 May 2017 11:10 AM
1 Replies and 136 Views Changing Font Size and Type in Axis Titles  136  1 Started by  Josh Colwell p.title.font_size=value works fine to change the main title font size, but I don't see a way to change the size of the x axis and y axis titles. Also, what font was used prior to 8.6 I think the new one looks terrible, and it seems to be drawn differently: it's blurry and not as crisp and clear as in previous versions.
1 136
by  David StarbuckJump to last post
23 May 2017 11:01 AM
1 Replies and 154 Views Controlling vector maps with VECTOR and LEGEND  154  1 Started by  Simon C. Hi everyone, I am trying to draw vector maps with IDL from a list of vector catalogs by using the VECTOR and LEGEND functions. However, I encountered two frustrating problems that may force me to find alternative methods in order to get publishable results. First, let me explain what I need to do: I am trying to compare on the same plot two vector catalogues containing information about astronomical polarisation vectors. These vectors are plotted on top of a contour map of the astronomical...
1 154
by  David StarbuckJump to last post
23 May 2017 10:36 AM
1 Replies and 123 Views Changing PLOT Function Font back to 8.5 values  123  1 Started by  Josh Colwell The new IDL PLOT in 8.6 has new fonts and size for the titles. I can change the font size on the main title, but I don't know how to change it for the XTITLE and YTITLE. The new text looks fuzzy as well, not as crisp as original. What were the default font and font size prior to 8.6 and how can I change it back to that for all PLOT title values
1 123
by  David StarbuckJump to last post
23 May 2017 08:49 AM
0 Replies and 162 Views Making a spatially resolved BPT  162  0 Started by  Rafael Cirolini Hello, I'm trying to make a spatially resolved BPT. The problem is that i need to make an 'if' parameter to define a specific region. Something like that: mask=mask*0 for i=0, size(f&91;*,0,0&93;,/n_elements)-1, 1 do begin for j=0, size(f&91;0,*,0&93;,/n_elements)-1, 1 do begin if alog10(OIII&91;i,j&93;/Hb&91;i,j&93;) gt 0.0 then begin mask&91;i,j&93;=1 endif endfor endfor Those OIII and Hb are the y axis. The x axis is NII/Ha, so this ...
0 162
19 May 2017 01:23 PM
1 Replies and 172 Views Hypercube correction to measured spectrum  172  1 Started by  Jennifer Hi, I am running ENVI 5.3 IDL 8.5 (64bit) I have hyperspectral images (.bil) of 9x9cm panels and each image also includes a Spectralon 50 reflectance standard. I want to convert the entire cube from DN to reflectance by scaling each pixel to the mean spectrum of the 50 reflectance standard. Any advice as to the easiest way to do this I right now I am thinking - select an ROI for the reflectance standard in my image, quick stats to get mean spectrum for the ROI, export mean spectrum to ...
1 172
by  Mari MinariJump to last post
16 May 2017 11:37 AM
3 Replies and 320 Views How to batch convert ENVI file to GeoTiff format using IDL?  320  3 Started by  Chen Bangqian I have large amount of ENVI format file, but wander to convert to Geotiff. How can I do that using IDL
3 320
by  Mari MinariJump to last post
15 May 2017 02:09 PM
0 Replies and 223 Views Question about IDL Legend  223  0 Started by  David Starbuck Question from customer: Is there any way to mix a line and a single symbol in a legend You can reduce the number of symbol by setting the SAMPLE_WIDTH to zero, but then the line will disappear. Possible Answer: Unfortunately, I think the only way to reduce the number of symbols is by adjusting the SAMPLE_WIDTH. You can then use the POLYLINE routine to manually draw the line onto the legend: IDL> theory = SIN(2.0*FINDGEN(201)*!PI/25.0)*EXP(-0.02*FINDGEN(201)) ...
0 223
25 Apr 2017 03:10 PM
0 Replies and 185 Views Pressing down button doesn&39;t generate events  185  0 Started by  David Starbuck Question from user: I am displaying a group of buttons with CW_BGROUP. I print out events when they happen. I don't see any event when I press the button but I see one when I release it. I do not have the /norelease argument because I want to see the release event as well. I would like to see the event that occurs (if it occurs) when the button is pressed. Possible answer: Use the PUSHBUTTON_EVENTS keyword. An example is shown below: pro dj_cas_19437_l1k4p5_event, event COMPILE_OPT idl...
0 185
06 Apr 2017 03:34 PM
1 Replies and 195 Views Polar 3D  195  1 Started by  Alexandra Schneider Can IDL do a 3d plot in polar coordinates Or do I need to convert to cartesian coordinates first
1 195
06 Apr 2017 01:23 PM
1 Replies and 219 Views Strange error with idlpy  219  1 Started by  Lorenzo Bernardi Hi all, here the strange error. I premise: two days ago i had no problem with my code. Traceback (most recent call last): File "G:/SVN EO/Simona/illegal_building_detection/Versione2/core/", line 5, in from idlcodes import * File "G:\SVN EO\Simona\illegal_building_detection\Versione2\core\", line 1, in from idlpy import IDL File "C:\Program Files\Harris\ENVI54\IDL86\lib\bridges\", line 318, in class IDL(IDLTyp...
1 219
03 Apr 2017 09:27 AM
1 Replies and 198 Views Write_tiff multiband image  198  1 Started by  Kevan Freeland Hey all, I am a student learning IDL and am seeking help in creating a multiband image from 11 .tiff files. I am trying to create a time sequence NDVI file that has each different NDVI time as a separate layer. I am having trouble building a code in IDL to make this happen. I've been through the IDL help page for Write_tiff and have not been able to successfully construct a set of code to do what I want. So I need to pull 11 images from a folder and combine them into one mu...
1 198
24 Mar 2017 11:30 AM
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