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How to access the classification information in a LAS Lidar file using the programming interface (API)


 ENVI Lidar can be used to read and view Lidar point clouds from LAS files.  It can sometimes be useful to get information from the file without importing it to ENVI Lidar.  The below code example shows how you can read the classification values held in a LAS file.  ;-------------------------------- PRO ... more »

How to start an IDL Command Line session from an already open terminal window on Mac OS X?


QUESTION: How to start an IDL Command Line session from an already open terminal window (as opposed to double clicking on the "IDLCommandLine" icon provided with the IDL installation) on Mac OS X? ANSWER: A) Instructions to manually set up a (Apple or XQuartz/X11) terminal window session to run an IDL Command Line session.   1) ... more »

How do I draw Legend graphic samples that show only 1 symbol instead of 3?


QUESTION:  How do I draw Legend graphic samples that show only 1 symbol instead of 3?  ANSWER:  By default, the Legend function graphic displays samples containing symbols using 3 symbols.  To create Legend samples that only display 1 symbol, you can position the symbols to overlap by setting ... more »


Plotting the globe 360 degrees from an arbitrary starting point


One of the really nice things about IDL's function graphics is that you have the ability to go crazy customizing plots and maps to make some cool visualizations. This help article is meant to be a longer example example for how this can be done with two maps. For this case, we are plotting the globe a full 360 degrees from an arbitrary ... more »

How to add a subversion (SVN) connection in IDL without an internet connection


When attempting to upload a subversion (SVN) connector to IDL, it is expected that the machine has an internet connection available to download and install the content.  However, in some situations (such as in classified environments), it may not be possible to have an internet connection available.  The below instructions ... more »

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ENVI 5.4 / IDL 8.6 Quick Start Install and Licensing Guide


Below is a quick start guide to follow to download and activate your ENVI 5.4 and/or IDL 8.6 software once ... more »

ENVI Pocket Guide Vol. 1 | Basics

An ENVI quick reference booklet that provides users succinct steps on how to accomplish common tasks in ENVI.


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