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Format of GPS File for OneButtonTM


The OneButtonTM software can take a collection of UAV or aerial images with position and orientation information, and create an accurate orthomosaic. Usually, OneButtonTM reads the position and orientation information directly from the metadata embedded in the image files. But if it cannot for any reason, then a “GPS file” with the... more »

New Licensing FAQ


This Help article groups the FAQ related to our new Download & Licensing system starting with IDL 8.6 and ENVI 5.4  What is the new licensing system? What will it change for my existing licenses? What are the requirements of the new licensing system? What is the workflow for the new licensing system? What is the Harris... more »

XQuartz 2.7.10 is Not Compatible with ENVI 5.3.1 and IDL 8.5.1


XQuartz 2.7.10 was released recently. In upgrading to XQuartz 2.7.10, many users are reporting issues with IDL and ENVI. Some examples of these issues reported include ENVI version 5.0 and greater not opening, neither from shortcuts nor from the IDL command line. Once an attempt to open ENVI occurs, IDL shuts down, often without an... more »

Issues opening Sentinel-2 data sets in ENVI 5.3/5.3.1


Sentinel-2 data support was added to ENVI 5.3 and expanded with ENVI 5.3.1 (SP1).  However, when opening some Sentinel-2 data sets using ENVI, you may encounter different error messages depending on the distributor of the data and how the data are stored. Long paths With the initial release of Sentinel-2 data from the ESA/SciHub, it... more »

How to Read Images with Row or Band Offsets (Minor or Major Offsets)


Question: If I have data that is stored with extra bytes at the beginning of each line, or the beginning of each band, how do I tell ENVI to handle those offsets properly? Answer: The extra bytes at the beginning of each line or each band are called frame offsets. The following table describes the locations of major and minor frame offsets... more »



ENVI Pocket Guide Vol. 1 | Basics

An ENVI quick reference booklet that provides users succinct steps on how to accomplish common tasks in ENVI.


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