HDF_CLOSE is failing to close the HDF file with unexpected error.


Topic: When using HDF_CLOSE to close an HDF file, the following error may be thrown: % HDF_CLOSE: Failed to close file( ). Discussion: A possible reason this error will be thrown is that a vData or a vGroup has been left attached when attempting to close the HDF file. To avoid such an error, make sure that all vData and vGroup ... more »

IDL 8 Workbench Reference


NOTE: This article was written for the IDL 8.2.1 workbench however it is still relevant for current IDL versions. Though some of the icons and graphics may have changed, this document should still serve as a pretty good reference.   The purpose of the article is provide a list of the tools available in IDL 8 Workbench that users can ... more »

How to link IDL 8 project to an external directory


When you create a new project in IDL 8, it will include the files within the same directory. It will also include  files in the child directories of the project location.  Sometimes, you may want to include files that are stored outside the project location. Two methods you can use to do this task are shown below: Create a folder ... more »

IDL 8.2 SP1 Release Notes


New Features in IDL 8.2.1 For information on new features in the IDL 8.2 release, see the "What's New" topic in IDL Help. Backward-Compatibility Issues in IDL 8.2.1 Change request ID numbers are included where applicable. All Platforms ID Description n/a ... more »

Subversion/SVN connector configuration fails for the IDL 8.2 Workbench on Mac and Linux


TOPIC: When attempting to configure the Subversive plugin functionality that comes with the IDL 8.2 Workbench on Mac OS X or Linux (select the menu item Window > Source Control Tools > Subversion), the installation/configuration of the SVN Connectors will fail to finish properly. Upon restart the IDL 8.2 Workbench, the Install ... more »

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Exelis VIS Technical Support Policy Updates


Maintenance Program Changes and Reminders: All customers must be current on maintenance to receive ... more »


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