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What’s New in ENVI SARscape 5.2

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The newest release of ENVI SARscape® – version 5.2 – introduces significant improvements over older versions. Key features among the new enhancements are:

  • Sentinel-1 IW (TOPSAR) interferometry full support.
  • Sentinel-1 data download.
  • PALSAR-2 ScanSAR Full Aperture interferometry preliminary support.
  • Improved parallel computing in interferometric processing.
  • F-SAR support.
  • Workflows can be saved and have a button to perform all the automatic steps with one click (Next >>>).
  • New SARscape installer (also integrating silent mode).


  • Full support for Sentinel TOPSAR and Stripmap interferometry and interferometric stacking, including very precise coregistration based on spectral diversity.
  • Support for Intensity data in Sentinel-1 Extra Wide Swath.
  • New Preferences Set "SENTINEL_TOPSAR" to be used for all processing related to Sentinel-1 acquisition in TOPSAR mode.
  • Data-types of Sentinel-1 sensor are now automatically detected.
  • Sample selection can be performed on Sentinel _slc_list files (_pwr file has to be used as reference).
  • Import tools now contain a Sentinel Data download tool.
  • Support of restituted and precise state vector products (RES and POE).


  • One-click processing chain for Workflows (Next >>>) to execute all steps that do not require user interaction at once.
  • "Save" and “Load” buttons in workflows to save and restore the actual workflow process status.
  • Added Earth Gravitational Model EGM2008.
  • Added support of SIRGAS 2000 Brazilian datum shift.
  • New installer for Windows (unified 32/64bit and silent).
  • Possibility to perform a silent installation of SARscape for systems without graphical interface.
  • New IDL API to read and write SARscape’s .sml ancillary / header files from IDL scripts.
  • New IDL example scripts (explained in the HELP).
  • Several bug fixes and minor improvements.


  • Data-types of TSX sensor are now automatically detected.
  • Import of F-SAR data (airborne).
  • AIS marine traffic information can now be imported using SARscape.

General Tools

  • Doppler Estimation tool in General Tools > Data and Quality Analysis.

Basic Module

  • Second-generation De Grandi multi-temporal speckle filter.
  • New De Grandi Filter with double polarization.
  • Map to SAR tool now works with classification data. Please use "Last value = TRUE" option (in ENVI standard).

Interferometry Module

  • Improved (faster) parallel computing in interferometric processing by means of TBB (Threading Building Blocks). Implicated steps are: Coregistration, Interferogram Generation, Coherence Estimation, Remove residual frequency (in particular in removing low pass components), Flattening, Filtering and Coregistration residual estimation using spectral diversity (for Sentinel TOPSAR).
  • Improved (faster) MAI processing.
  • Speed-up of Baseline Estimator (affecting, in particular, the SBAS connection graph) and baseline estimation for stereo pairs.
  • Possibility to remove local residue fringes during the coherence estimation.
  • Phase Editing is now available for the “Standard” interface. Both versions (Standard and Classic) work with ROIs instead of EWFs.

Interferometric Stacking Module

  • PS Sub-Area Edit tool.
  • New algorithm for merging blocks in PS processing based on SVD (Singular Value Decomposition).
  • PS shape output can now be generated in slant geometry as well (under "other parameters" in the geocoding step using ENVI standard).
  • Specific sub areas in PS stacking interferometry can be re-performed with a new tool (PS Compute Specific Sub-Area).

Interferometry ScanSAR Module

  • PALSAR-2 ScanSAR interferometry is now possible using the ScanSAR interferometry module and Full Aperture ScanSAR products. This support is preliminary, since the module has only been tested only on a limited number of interferometric pairs.

Polarimetry and PolInSAR

  • New Krogager polarimetric decomposition.

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