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Recent Product Updates

What's New in IDL 8.6


What's New in IDL 8.6 Note: If you are new to IDL or upgrading from an older version, see also: What's New in IDL 8.5.1 What's New in IDL 8.5 What's New in IDL 8.4.1 What's New in IDL 8.4 New Features Automatic Check for Updates IDL now has a mechanism to automatically check for updates on startup. If a new version... more »

What's New in IDL 8.5.1


IDL 8.5.1 includes new features/functionality including a New FILE_MODTIME function, HDF4 VGroup attributes read/write, New IDLnetURL encode/decode methods, HASH/ORDEREDHASH/DICTIONARY ::IsFoldCase method, WRITE_PNG to a buffer, Fixed issues with IDL-Python bridge, HDF4 library update, and HDF-EOS library update. New... more »

IDL 8.3


What's New in IDL 8.3 IDL 8.3 adds new core language features, adds functionality to IDL Graphics, and simplifies building of custom tasks for the IDL and ENVI Services Engine. New Feature Dynamic Equation Visualization for Plot, Contour, and Surface The PLOT, CONTOUR, and SURFACE functions have a new Equation argument (and EQUATION... more »

IDL 8.2.3


What's New in IDL 8.2.3 IDL 8.2.3 adds functionality to IDL Graphics, provides a new look and new features to Widget programming, and simplified building of custom tools for ENVI. New Routines BUBBLEPLOT The BUBBLEPLOT function creates a bubble chart that displays three dimensions of data in a two-dimensional Cartesian coordinate... more »

IDL 8.2.2


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