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How to get the Device ID using IDL 8.6


In previous versions of IDL, users could use the LMGR function's LMHOSTID keyword to get the Device ID of the system on which it was running. This keyword is not available in IDL 8.6 and thus this method of getting the Device ID no longer works.


A workaround to this issue is to use SPAWN and the "activate.exe" program with the "--deviceid" switch to get this information. An example how this can be achieved is shown below:

IDL> cd, "C:\Program Files\Harris\ENVI54\idl86\license_utils\bin.x86_64"
IDL> spawn, "activate --deviceid", out, err
IDL> print, out
{     "deviceID" : "JUNKJUNKJUNK",     "deviceIDType" : "FLC_HOSTID_TYPE_STRING",     "machineName" : "JUNKJUNKJUNK" } 

written by DS and reviewed by MM (12/21/2016) 

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