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FATAL Unable to create database connection


It is possible that when you try to run the IDL 8.6 license server on a Linux system, it might fail to start with  following error in the log:

FATAL Unable to create database connection


The cause of this issue may be the permissions of the license server installation. A possible solution is to uninstall and re-install the license server using the following procedure:

0) If you have activated the license, please deactivate the license using the following commands:

cd /usr/local/harris/flexnetls_xxxx.xx.x/enterprise
./flexnetlsadmin.sh ‑server http://localhost:7070 ‑activate ‑id xxxx‑xxxx‑xxxx‑xxxx ‑count 0

1) Stop the terminal service:
/sbin/service flexnetls‑idl_lmgrd stop

2) Delete the /var/opt/flexnetls folder

3) Delete the following files:


4) Delete the trusted storage and log files by deleting the /var/opt/flexnetls directory.

5) Then try to install the license server once again using the install script (with administrative privileges):

sudo ./install.sh

Written by DS (12/21/2016) Reviewed by DB (12/22/2016)

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