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Generic communications error when activating a license


When you try to activate a license using the Harris License Administrator application, you may encounter an error similar to the following:

************** Activate (local) *****************

Failed to activate XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX


2016-12-14 12:01:01

Attempting to communicate with FNO. 

    Error Code: 19461570

    Error Message: CLLActivateLicense: [1,111,1,1[11111,1,11111]]

Generic communications error.  

[1,111,1,1[1111,1111]] General data transfer failure

Couldn't connect to server 

     System Code: 7

     System Description: CLLActivateLicense: Generic communications error


Steps to troubleshoot:

When our software activates licenses, it can make the connection two ways:

1) A standard http call to http://harrisgeospatial.flexnetoperations.com using port 80.

2) An https call to https://harrisgeospatial.flexnetoperations.com using port 443.

If you use the Harris License Administrator application, the connection will be the standard http call. If you do the call through the command-line utility "activate.exe",  the connection will be done with an https call through port 443 by default. The syntax to use "activate.exe" on Windows and Linux is shown below:


C:\Program Files\Harris\ENVI54\IDL86\license_utils\bin.x86_64\activate.exe -a  activation-code


/usr/local/harris/envi/idl86/license_utils/bin.linux.x86_64/activate -a activation-code

Therefore, the following steps are recommended to troubleshoot this issue:

1) Try activating the license using the "activate.exe" utility. It is possible that you may be on a system that allows for https communication but restricts http.

2) Contact your network administrator and confirm that "activate.exe" is allowed to make two-way http or https connections with harrisgeospatial.flexnetoperations.com. If the network administrator needs to make some changes to allow for this communication, try to activate the license again and see if the changes in the firewall configuration have solved the problem.  

3) If the previous steps did not solve the issue, see if you can temporarily disable the firewall. If you can temporarily disable the firewall and activate the license, the license should continue to work after you have re-enabled the firewall. 

If these steps do not help with resolve the problem, please contact support@harris.com.  

DS 12/14/2016 reviewed by JB and BC

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