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Larry Zhang


Is ENVI SARscape 5.2 available in ENVI 5.2?

Or, can ENVI SARscape 5.1 be interfaced in ENVI 5.2?


Larry @ Aramco

Kate Kear

Hi Larry, SARscape 5.1 will have a patch coming out soon that will work with ENVI 5.2. It will be called 5.1.001 and will soon be available on the Exelis VIS download site at http://www.exelisvis.com/MyAccount/Downloads.aspx



i use IDL 8.4 and ENVI CLASİC AND ENNVI 5.0 ,and i have problem when run idl.maybe error can be version of ENVI? I should download ENVI 5.2?

Maria Augusta

I need the Service Pack 3 (ENVI 5.0) and i did not find the link at the site :http://www.exelisvis.com/MyAccount/Downloads. Where i cant find it?

Many thanks

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