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Error: Failed File Open when attempting to Activate ENVI 5.4 or IDL 8.6


You may be unable to activate your software due to folder permissions issues. Permissions for the /Applications/harris/license/flexera folder must be configured to Read&Write, so that the software can be activated.

You might have this issue if you experience an error such as the following:

*** Unable to retrieve computer information.
*** Is your license activate utility installed correctly?
License Directory: /Applications/harris

*************** Activate (local) ***************

Failed to activate XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

2017-02-04 19:54:16
CLL Error
  Error Code: 1929379905
  Error Message: CLLInitializeLicensing: [1,7E0,3,0[73000041,D,400703F3]]
Failed file open.
  System Code: 13
  System Description: CLLInitializeLicensing: Failed file open.

The reason for this error may be resulting from the permissions being incorrectly set on the license/flexera folder.

At the Command Line:

chmod a+rw /Applications/harris/license/flexera

Within the Finder Window:
Right click on the folder in question (in this case, the /Applications/harris/license/flexera folder) and select “Get Info.” Alternatively, you can type command-I when the folder is selected.

At the bottom of the “Get Info” window for the flexera folder, you should see something like the following:



Select the Lock icon at the bottom right of the screen. You will be prompted for your password for the system. Provide this, and the lock icon becomes unlocked. You are now able to select the Privilege Settings on the right in the image above.

From the selection menu, choose “Read & Write” for system, wheel, and everyone. Select the open lock icon again, and re-lock the folder.

Attempt to activate your software using the activation codes. This should resolve the error, and your software should be activated. If this does not resolve the error, check the permissions of the parent folders, licensing and harris.


Written by JB - 02/07/2017

Reviewed by MM 6/29/2017


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