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Recent Product Updates

What's New in SARscape 5.1


The newest release of SARscape – version 5.1 – makes it easier to extract accurate and advanced information from SAR data. The following topics are the points of major interest: A Graphical User Interface (GUI) consistent with the rest of ENVI 5.1 Workflows for common tasks International language catalogue capable... more »

IDL 8.3


What's New in IDL 8.3 IDL 8.3 adds new core language features, adds functionality to IDL Graphics, and simplifies building of custom tasks for the IDL and ENVI Services Engine. New Feature Dynamic Equation Visualization for Plot, Contour, and Surface The PLOT, CONTOUR, and SURFACE functions have a new Equation argument (and EQUATION... more »

ENVI Services Engine 5.1


What's New in ENVI Services Engine 5.1 ENVI 5.1 introduces enhanced support for task development, a new toolset for ENVI and ArcGIS® for Server processing, and additional functionality in system monitoring and usage statistics. Note:If you are new to ESE or upgrading from an older version, also see: What's New in ESE 5.1 New... more »



What's New in ENVI LiDAR 5.1 The following features were added in ENVI LiDAR 5.1. For information on previous new features, see What's New in Release 3.2 Service Pack 1, What's New in Release 3.2 and What's New in Release 3.1. Product Version The ENVI LiDAR version number has been incremented to 5.1 for this release, to align ENVI LiDAR... more »

ENVI 5.1


What's New in ENVI 5.1 ENVI 5.1 includes the new and enhanced features listed below. See the following sections: Feature Updates Data Types Image Processing User Interface Programming Feature Updates The new Seamless Mosaic workflow combines multiple georeferenced scenes into one image. It provides several... more »


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