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Recent Product Updates

What’s New in SARscape 5.0.001


The newest release of SARscape – version 5.0 – introduces significant improvements to simplify and advance your SAR analysis. The following topics are the points of major interest: Integration within ENVI 5.0 SP2 Native support of x64 platforms Support of RISAT-1 and SICD data GPS data are supported New... more »

ENVI 5 Service Pack 3


What's New in ENVI 5.0 Service Pack 3 ENVI 5, Service Pack 3 includes the new and enhanced features listed below. Sensors, Data Formats, and Metadata ENVI reads and displays imagery from the following sensors: Landsat-8 EO-1 ALI and Hyperion NPP VIIRS DubaiSat Pleiades Level-1B... more »

IDL 8.2.3


What's New in IDL 8.2.3 IDL 8.2.3 adds functionality to IDL Graphics, provides a new look and new features to Widget programming, and simplified building of custom tools for ENVI. New Routines BUBBLEPLOT The BUBBLEPLOT function creates a bubble chart that displays three dimensions of data in a two-dimensional Cartesian coordinate... more »

ENVI LiDAR 3.2 Service Pack 1


What's New in ENVI LiDAR 3.2 Service Pack 1 ENVI LiDAR includes the following new features in release 3.2 Service Pack 1. See What's New in Release 3.2 and What's New in Release 3.1 below for information on previous new features. Viewshed Analysis ESE Usage Statistics The new Viewshed Analysis tool enables you to determine features... more »

ENVI Services Engine 1.0 Service Pack 1


What's New in ESE 1.0 Service Pack 1 ENVI Services Engine 1.0.1 introduces new functionality in usage statistics, folders, and service endpoints. Updates in this Service Pack include changes to the names of the default service endpoints, as well as modifications to select parameters within SERVER.CFG. New Features ESE Usage... more »


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