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Convert Crops To Shapefile

Convert Crops To Shapefile

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Use the Convert Crops to Shapefile tool to convert a crop file to a shapefile.

This tool is part of ENVI Crop Science, which requires a separate license and installation. You can also write a script to convert a crop file to a shapefile using the ENVIAgCropsToShapefile routine.

Before You Begin

You must create a crop file (.json) before using the Convert Crops to Shapefile tool. You can create a crop file using any of the following tools. Be sure to specify an Output Crops File in these tools:

Convert Crops to a Shapefile

  1. From the Toolbox, select Crop Science > Convert Crops to Shapefile.
  2. Select an Input Crops file (.json).
  3. Select an output filename and location for the shapefile in the Output Vector field.
  4. Select the Display result option to display the output image when processing is complete.
  5. Click OK. ENVI adds the resulting output to the Data Manager and Layer Manager, and it displays the output in the Image window.

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