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Defining the Remote Storage SCP Node

Defining the Remote Storage SCP Node

Defining the Remote Storage SCP Node

You need to configure an Application Entity for the remote machine to which you will send DICOM files. (Once an Application Entity has been defined, you do not need to re-execute the following steps.) Record the Application Entity name, host name or IP address, and port number of the remote machine’s Storage SCP service. You need this information to configure the network properties of the Application Entity as follows:

  1. Open the DICOM Network Services utility by entering the following at the IDL command prompt:

  2. Click on the Configuration tab and create a new Application Entity. Enter the network parameters for the remote machine. Additionally, this Application Entity must support:
    • Service List Name — Storage_SCP_Service_List
    • Service Type — Storage_SCP

    See Defining a New Application Entity for further instructions.

    Note: You can verify a connection to the remote machine using the Echo SCU functionality. See Returning Connection Status with Echo.

    Once the Application Entity has been defined, you can send files to the remote node, described in the following section.

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