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This routine has been replaced with the ReportError method to ENVI. See Manage Errors for more information.

The ENVI_REPORT_ERROR procedure reports error message strings through the standard ENVI Classic error reporting mechanism. The default title of the displayed dialog provided by this procedure is "ENVI Error." The default button on the displayed dialog is OK.


ENVI_REPORT_ERROR, Err_string [, /CANCEL] [, /MESSAGE] [, /QUESTION] [, VALUE=variable] [, /WARNING]



Specify a string containing the text that follows the title and precedes any buttons within the dialog provided by this procedure.


CANCEL (optional)

Use this keyword to display a Cancel button after the OK or Yes button within the dialog. If the Cancel button is pressed, the VALUE keyword returns a value of -1.

MESSAGE (optional)

Use this keyword to change the title of the dialog to "ENVI Message."

QUESTION (optional)

Use this keyword to change the title of the dialog to "ENVI Question" and the OK button to Yes and No buttons. The VALUE keyword returns the following integers for each button press:

  • Yes: 1
  • No: 0
  • Cancel: -1

VALUE (optional)

Use this keyword to specify a named variable that contains the value of any button pressed within the dialog.

WARNING (optional)

Use this keyword to change the title of the dialog to "ENVI Warning."

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