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This procedure updates the percent of tile processing completed. Each time this procedure is called, the widget is updated based on the values of the arguments Num and Den.


ENVI_REPORT_STAT, Base, Num, Den, CANCEL=variable



This is the base ID of the status window widget to be updated. This value is returned from ENVI_REPORT_INIT at initialization.


This is a variable that serves as a counter for the number of tiles processed. The percent completed is determined by the ratio of Num over Den.


This is the total number of tiles to be processed. The percent completed is determined by the ratio of Num over Den.



Use this keyword to specify a named variable that returns the status of the Cancel button. A returned value of 1 indicates the Cancel button was pressed. A value of 0 is returned otherwise. This keyword only has meaning if you specify a value for INTERRUPT in ENVI_REPORT_INIT.


This example shows how to update the percentage completed for an ENVI Classic status report window created with ENVI_REPORT_INIT.

for i=0, num_tiles-1 do begin
   envi_report_stat, base, i, num_tiles       
   ; run the user function and perform tiling here

The parameters Num and Den are used to form the ratio (Num/Den)*100 to calculate the percent completed. In the example above, the percent complete is calculated as (i/num_tiles)*100.

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