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The IDL Console View

The IDL Console View

In this view, you can enter IDL statements at the IDL> prompt. Information (such as output from programs, errors, warnings, etc.) is also displayed in this view.

Some other features that are included in Console view include:

  • Content Assist - If you start typing a command, you can press the Ctrl+Space keyboard keys and the Console will provide options on how to complete it.
  • Syntax highlighting - The syntax entered into the console is highlighted using the same color scheme as that in the Editor View.
  • Access commands from your history using the Up and Down arrow keys
  • If you start typing a command you entered previously, you can press <TAB> to bring up prior commands from your Command History that start with the characters you've types. Continue pressing <TAB> to step through the matches.
  • Keybindings - Typical keybindings for moving your cursor within a line work in the Console View. For example, if your default keybinding scheme is set to "Emacs" you can use <CTRL><A> to move to the start of your line or <CTRL><E> to move to the end. To change keybindings in the Workbench, select WINDOW > Preferences > General > Keys from the Menubar. Choose a keybinding scheme here or change individual keybindings.

IDL Console Right-Click Menu

The IDL Console has additional options available from a right-click menu. Use your mouse to right-click anywhere in the Console View to bring up the following:

Copy / Paste - These options work the same as in other editors (<CTRL><C> and <CTRL><V>). Highlight text in the Console window, then choose one of these options from the right-click menu. Text that you copy from the Console can be pasted into other areas of the Workbench, such as the Editor window.

Select All - Choosing this option selects or highlights everything in the Console.

Find / Replace - Choosing this menu option opens a popup window allowing you to search for a string within the Console. This is the same popup that is available by clicking EDIT > Find/Replace from the main Workbench menu bar across the top of the window. The only difference is that within the Console, the Replace option has been disabled.

Clear - This completely empties the Console, leaving a blank window with an IDL> prompt.

Save Log - Saves the current contents of the Console to a file on your computer.

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