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The IDLffDicomExQuery::OpenFindRQ function method creates a DICOM Network Service "find request" message that can later be populated and sent to the server using the IDLffDicomExQuery::Send method.


For an example of setting up the configuration and query properties, see IDLffDicomExQuery::Query.

oQuery = IDLffDicomExQuery()
oQuery.SetProperty, QUERY_SCP = 'remote_qr_scp_aen'
reqID = oQuery.OpenFindRQ('STUDY_ROOT_QR_FIND')
oQuery.SetValue, reqID, '0008,0052', 'SERIES'
assocID = oQuery.Send(reqID, STATUS=status)
oQuery.Close, assocID
oQuery.FreeMessage, reqID


Result = Obj.[IDLffDicomExQuery::]OpenFindRQ( ServiceName [, /CANCEL] [, STATUS=variable] )

Return Value

This method returns a scalar integer giving the message ID.

Tip: This message ID should be freed using IDLffDicomExQuery::FreeMessage.



Set this argument to a scalar string giving the name of the "find request". Possible values are "STUDY_ROOT_QR_FIND" or "PATIENT_ROOT_QR_FIND".



Set this keyword to create a C_CANCEL_FIND_RQ "cancel request" instead of the default behavior which is to create a C_FIND_RQ "find request". This keyword allows you to cancel an ongoing search on the server.


Set this keyword to a named variable in which the status code for the operation will be returned. If STATUS is not specified then any error messages will be output to the screen and IDL will halt execution.

Tip: The status code can be converted to a human-readable string using the IDLffDicomExQuery::MC_Status method.

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See Also

IDLffDicomExQuery::FreeMessage, IDLffDicomExQuery::MC_Status, IDLffDicomExQuery::Send, IDLffDicomExQuery::SetValue

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