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Manually Edit Extracted Features

Manually Edit Extracted Features

Use ENVI’s standard vector tools to perform manual vector editing. With manual post-processing, you can extend polylines; snap to polylines; split or join polylines; and add, edit, or remove vectors and nodes.

  1. Make the layer to edit the active layer.
  2. Select one of the following:
    • From the Vector Parameters dialog menu bar, select Mode > Edit Existing Vectors.
    • Right-click in the display group and select Select Mode > Edit Existing Vectors.
  3. Select the vector to edit. The vector nodes appear.
  4. Edit as needed. For example:
    • To extend polylines, right-click on an end node and select Extend Selected Vector. ENVI automatically switches to Add New Vectors mode. To extend the vector in intelligent mode, right-click and verify Intelligent Digitizer is enabled (otherwise, leave it disabled to extend using standard vector mode). Select seed points along the feature to extend the existing polyline. Right-click and select Accept New Polyline.
    • To snap polylines to nearby polylines, either right-click on the end node to snap and select Snap End Node to the Nearest Polyline, or right click on the vector and select Snap Both Ends to the Nearest Polylines to snap both ends to nearby polylines. The polylines must be within the Snap Tolerance (Pixels) parameter in the Intelligent Digitizer Parameters dialog.
    • To split polylines, right-click on a node and select Mark Node. ENVI highlights the node. Right-click again and select Split Vector. ENVI adds a new node on top of the marked node. Click and drag the node to separate it from the original node you marked. Right-click again and select Accept Changes.
    • To join polylines, select a second vector to join with the first selected vector. Right-click and select Join Vectors. ENVI joins the vectors with a straight line. Right-click again and select Accept Changes.
    • To add, edit, or delete nodes or vectors, use ENVI’s standard vector tools.

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