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Crop Science Routines and Tasks

Programming Routines and Tasks

This section contains reference information for application programming interface (API) routines and tasks associated with ENVI Crop Science. Each tool can be called as either a routine or an ENVITask. You can use one or the other, but not both. This section explains the difference between the two.


The following routines are available for use in writing custom tasks and workflows in an ENVI+IDL desktop environment. You cannot use routines in an enterprise environment such as the Geospatial Services Framework (GSF). In that case, use the Tasks listed below, or write a custom task that calls one or more of these routines.


The following ENVITasks are available if you want to run ENVI Crop Science analytics in the Geospatial Service Framework (GSF) enterprise environment.

The following tasks are used internally by the tasks above, but they are provided as a convenience if you want to use them independently.

The following are parameter classes for each data type in ENVI Crop Science. They provide better dehydration and rehydration support for DEFAULT or VALUE parameters in task templates. Advanced ENVI API programmers can use these objects to create custom data types for ENVITasks.

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