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Rename Intelligent Digitizer Layers

Rename Intelligent Digitizer Layers

Use the following procedure to rename a vector layer, for example, to rename the Intelligent Digitizer: New Layer that ENVI creates when you start the Intelligent Digitizer.

  1. Save any changes made to the layer and close the Vector Parameters dialog that lists the layer to rename.
  2. From the Toolbox, select Vector > Available Vectors List. The Available Vectors List displays, with all open vector layers listed.
  3. From the Available Vectors List menu bar, select Options > Edit Layer Names. The Edit Layer Names dialog appears.
  4. Select the layer name to edit.
  5. Edit the layer name in the Edit Selected Item field.
  6. Click OK. The Available Vectors List appears with the new layer name in the Available Vector Layers list.
  7. From the Available Vector Layers list, select the layers to overlay on the display group image.
  8. Click Load Selected. The Load Vectors dialog displays.
  9. Select the display number to load the vectors into from the Select Vector list.
  10. Click OK. ENVI overlays the vectors on the display group image and the Vector Parameters dialog appears.

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